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Xtreme Heavy Duty Uprated Organic Pull Clutch Kit - For R33 Skyline GTR RB26DETT

Xtreme Heavy Duty Uprated Organic Pull Clutch Kit - For R33 Skyline GTR RB26DETT
Brand: Conceptua
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BCNR33  GT-R  Skyline  RB26DETT

Twin Cam, Twin Turbo, 24 Valve

Pull Clutch

Complete Clutch Kit- Conceptua Tuning

Xtreme Clutch

Uprated Heavy Duty Organic

Conceptua Tuning offer this uprated Heavy Duty Organic Extreme Clutch Kit for later R33 GTR Skylines with the RB26DETT engine with a pull clutch. This kit has been produced to offer a progressive engagement thanks to its improved organic friction disc for excellent pedal feel, and stronger clamp load from the uprated clutch cover.  Below the level of expensive twin plate clutches there is very little available for the R33 GTR pull clutch, so this new kit from Conceptua represents a major breakthrough in performance and affordability.

  • R33 GTR Skyline- RB26DETT
  • Pull Clutch Setup ONLY
  • Heavy Duty Organic Uprated Clutch Kit
  • Smooth Engagement
  • Genuine Xtreme Clutch from Australia
  • Improved Organic Friction Disc
  • Uprated Clutch Cover
  • Aggressive street and occasional trackday use
  • Comes with Clutch Friction Plate, Clutch Cover and Release Bearing!
  • Lightened Flywheel also available

Please Note- 300 mile break in required

Car Make Nissan
Car Model GTR,R33
Condition New

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