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Valve Lifter Lash Pad Follower Test Shim Set - For Datsun S30 280Z L28E

Valve Lifter Lash Pad Follower Test Shim Set - For Datsun S30 280Z L28E
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For  Datsun  S30  280Z  L28  Engine

Fuel  Injection, Overhead Cam, 12 Valve, Inline Six

Kenjutsu Valve Clearance Lash Pad 

Test Shim Kit

Set of 12

14.00mm O/D- Thickness 2.50mm

With Recessed Bases

Datsun & Nissan specialists Conceptua Tuning offer this Kenjutsu Valve Lash Pad Clearance Test Shim Set.  This Complete Set of 12 Lash Pad Shims enables you to determine what final thickness shims are required to set your Valve Clearances with perfect accuracy... 

  • For Datsun S30 280Z L28E
  • Set 12 Lash Pads
  • Lash Pad Clearance Test Shim Set
  • Enables Perfect Valve Clearances to be Determined
  • Complete Set of 12
  • Stock 14.00mm O/D
  • Shims are 2.50mm Thickness
  • Look out for our other Tuning Parts- Forged Pistons, Forged Rods, ARP, MLS Head Gaskets, Camshafts etc.

Once Exact Valve Lash Pad Shim Thicknesses are Calculated We Can Supply 1.50mm- 7.50mm Thicknesses in 0.25mm Increments to Special Order 

Check out our other items for great tuning gear for performance Datsuns.  

Buy with confidence from Conceptua Tuning.

Condition New
Part Type Engine

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