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Uprated Rear Arm Inner & Outer SuperPro Bushes - For RNN14 Pulsar GTiR SR20DET

Uprated Rear Arm Inner & Outer SuperPro Bushes - For RNN14 Pulsar GTiR SR20DET
Brand: Conceptua
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RNN14  Pulsar  GTiR  SR20DET

Twin Cam, 4WD, 16 Valve, Turbo

Rear Arm Inner & Outer Bushes

Uprated Polyurethane Bush Kit 

Ideal for Trackdays, Fast Road etc.

Genuine SuperPro

Conceptua Tuning bring you this Uprated SuperPro Polyurethane Bush Kit for the Rear Arm Inner & Outer Bushes for the RNN14 GTiR with the SR20DET engine. This kit contains enough bushes to replace both sides on the car with Uprated Polyurethane Bushes.

  • RNN14 Pulsar GTiR SR20DET
  • Rear Arm Inner & Outer Bush Kit
  • Genuine Superpro Quality
  • Superior Roadholding
  • Improved Handling, Stability, and Control
  • Every bush location available individually

Complete Car Kits also Available. . . 

The Durometer (Hardness) of this Polyurethane Bush Kit has been specifically designed to give a significant improvement over the response of the original Bushes- ideal for drifting, Trackdays, Fast Road, etc.  The original rubber bushes inevitably perish with age and lose their resilience- leading to vague handlng characteristics. You will appreciate the more accurate control by using these SuperPro Polyurethane, which translate into enhanced cornering, reduced body roll, and a more precise feel to the steering.

In a nutshell the design of the RNN14 GTiR suspension depends on accurate positioning of the suspension components- if they move incorrectly then both steering and handling are compromised. This SuperPro Complete Car kit resists these forces to hold the supension correctly giving more accurate control, giving a noticeable improvement in handling, a sharper feel to the steering, yet for a very reasonable price.


Car Make Nissan
Car Model Pulsar
Condition New

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