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Uprated EBC Dimpled & Grooved Front Brake Disc's x 2- For Z32 300ZX VG30DETT

Uprated EBC Dimpled & Grooved Front Brake Disc's x 2- For Z32 300ZX VG30DETT
Brand: Conceptua
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89-  Z32  300ZX & Fairlady  VG30DETT

Quad Cam, Twin Turbo

2 x EBC Dimpled & Grooved Performance Front Discs

  • EBC Dimpled and Grooved Performance Brake Discs
  • Fully Heat Treated for stability
  • Grooves help remove Gas Buildup behind the Pad for increased Braking Performance
  • They also wipe away debris and water
  • Looks Great for longer thanks to EBC's Gold or Black Coloured Anti Rust Protection
  • Great Price
  • Fantastic range of Brake Pads also available

EBCs wide aperture slots draw cool air under the pad during heavy braking and reduce brake temperatures helping to prevent against pad fade. The slots also help remove dust, water, and gas created by heavy braking from the pad contact area. Blind drilled holes eliminate the chance of rotor cracking which is common on “through drilled” or completely drilled vent holes.

Check out our other items for uprated pads, or you can call for advice for what pads will suit you best. We also have great priced plain front and rear discs, and excellent value front and rear pads too.

                                                                    brakes, suspension, service parts, turbos, & more!!

Car Make Nissan
Car Model 300ZX
Condition New

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