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Subframe Pineapple Poly SuperPro Bush Kit- For S14a 200SX Kouki SR20DET

Subframe Pineapple Poly SuperPro Bush Kit- For S14a 200SX Kouki SR20DET
Brand: Conceptua
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 Nissan  S14a  200SX  SR20DET

Later Kouki Models

Twin Cam, Turbo, 16 Valve

Conceptua Tuning Rear Subframe Uprated Polyurethane Bush Kit 

Improves Handling- Helps Eliminate Subframe Knocking

Genuine Superpro

Superpro Uprated Polyurethane Bush Kit for the Rear Subframe on S14a 200SX's. This kit contains 2 x 69.5mm O/D bushes, and 2 x 80mm O/D bushes- so there is enough to do the entire Rear Subframe.  

The stock Nissan rear subframe bushes contain silicon-filled Rubber Bushes. Even on stock HP S14's, the stress of putting the power down twists the rear subframe- punishing the subframe bushes. The rubber perishes and the silicon leaks out- this leaves an air filled void that can lead to vague handling and a loud knocking from the rear on really bad examples! The Durometer (Hardness) of this supplemental Polyurethane Bush Kit has been specifically designed to give a significant improvement on the handling characteristics of the original Bushes.

  • S14a 200SX SR20DET
  • Later Kouki Models
  • Superpro Rear Subframe supplemental Polyurethane Bush Kit 
  • Improves Handling
  • 2 x 69.5mm O/D bushes, and 2 x 80mm O/D bushes
  • Enough for entire Rear Subframe
  • Many other Polyurethane Bushes available-
  • Upper & Lower Control Arms, Tension Rods, Diff Bushes, Anti Roll Bar Bushes, & many more
  • Also see our Suspension section for-
  • Track Rod Ends, Tie Rods, Etc., Etc.

Car Make Nissan
Car Model 200SX
Condition New

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