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Stainless Braided Brake Line Hose Set of 4 - For GXE10 Lexus IS200 1G-FE

Stainless Braided Brake Line Hose Set of 4 - For GXE10 Lexus IS200 1G-FE
Stainless Braided Brake Line Hose Set of 4 - For GXE10 Lexus IS200 1G-FE
Brand: Conceptua
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GXE10  Lexus  IS200  1G-FE

2 litre, 24 Valve, 6  Cylinder

Complete set of 4 Quality Braided Stainless Brake lines

Conceptua Tuning specification

Improve your GXE10 IS200 braking performance with these high quality stainless braided brake lines These are our own specification stainless braided brake lines, and are a great braking upgrade. Older cars will need the standard rubber hoses replacing anyway, making this a cost effective option, with a performance benefit.

With ordinary rubber brake hoses (especially older ones) the hose 'balloons' when the pedal is depressed. This means that instead of all the pressure being used to press the brake pad against the disc, some of the brake force is dissapated. This means your brakes are less effective, and the pedal can feel spongy.  These braided brake lines are designed to enhance the brake performance and pedal feel of your Skyline, restoring braking confidence.

We also carry in stock discs and uprated discs, and a wide range of brake pads- (OE spec, Greenstuff fast road, Redstuff fast road & occasional trackday, Yellowstuff fast road & full track pad up to 900 degrees centigrade, ferodo DS2500, & Bluestuff endurance race pad), pad fitting kits, caliper repair kits, etc.

  • Complete Set of 4
  • High Quality Lines
  • Improves Pedal Feel
  • PHOTO SHOWN IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE (no library images here!)
  • Comes complete with...
  • Toyota specific unions for an exact fit
  • Copper sealing washers
  • Banjo bolts
  • Stylish outer protective sheath
  • Armoured for protection against delaminating tyres- ideal for Drifting

If you need SXE10 performance upgrades, we keep a great range of upgrades- coilovers, lowering springs, adjustable shocks, uprated spark plugs, uprated water pumps, aluminium race radiators, etc. perfect for tuned cars, trackdays, fast road, drifting etc.

Condition New
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