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All ASNU Injectors are made to order. Please allow 3 - 5 days for delivery. 

What is the difference between Acetal and Stainless Steel injectors ?

The main difference is their fitment – the stainless are a thinner longer nose, so sit deeper into the manifold.

Why Choose ASNU ?

ASNU have over 25 years of experience with injectors from all the various injector manufacturers from around the world. ASNU are represented in over 38 different countries, with thousands of injectors being tested and serviced in Aftermarket and Motorsport worldwide; a programme and experience unrivalled by anyone else in the world. This gives ASNU the greatest experience and understanding to develop a range of injectors that will do exactly what they are designed for – Correct Performance. ASNU Performance Injectors are a purpose designed and built injector with the ideal spray pattern to match the flow required. They are designed to meet the varied demands of the Racing & Performance markets.

How are ASNU injectors made ?

All ASNU Performance Injectors have a multi-hole orifice cap, cut using the latest laser technology for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using this technology allows us to produce injectors with specific spray patterns and flow rates to meet the customers’ exact requirements. The seven hole orifice cap that we use in most of our injectors in the lower end of the range (300-1000cc) and offer an ideal combination of Fuel Flow, Fuel Distribution and Fuel Atomisation. The seven holes produce smaller fuel droplets that will burn more efficiently, giving more performance and more laps for less fuel. This is a critical factor and should be considered when comparing ASNU injectors to any other Performance injectors.

What are ASNU Flow / Spray Patterns ?

All injectors are fitted with easy to see Flow Rate and Spray Pattern identification rings with the top ring indicating the Spray Angle and the lower (smaller) ring representing the Flow Rate. Please see images for the colour coding.Each spray angle option is matched to the flow rate to ensure optimum usage of the fuel provided. Please see images for 10, 20 and 30 degree spray patterns available.

Are ASNU Injectors any good ?

Correct combustion is not about how much fuel you put in the engine, but how efficiently you get the fuel to burn and that alone will determine the combustion performance of the engine. Achieving a designated BHP does not always mean that you will achieve the maximum performance from your engine. ASNU Performance Injectors will allow you to maximise the power curve of the engine, give instant throttle response and maximum fuel economy.

The ASNU Performance Injector programme offers the tuner/high performance user a complete and unique range of injector options to suit their individual requirements and with our range of Harness Adapters and Fuel Rail Couplings, there is an ASNU Performance Injector to fit nearly every top feed application.

Please note: all ASNU injectors that are top feed are not compatible with side feed fuel rails. Please select a suitable ASNU Top Feed Fuel Rail to use in conjunction with ASNU injectors.

Car Makes and Models available

BMW E46 M3   S54B30 3.0
BMW E92   S65 4.4
BMW E30 M3  S14B20, S14B23, S14B25 2.0, 2.3, 2.5
BMW  E92   S65 4.0
BMW  E36 M3   S50B30,S50B32,S52B30 3.0 , 3.2
Ferrari  F40   F120A 2.9
Fiat  Punto 1.4 Arbarth turbo  2009  1.4
Ford Sierra 82-93 cosworth YB  2.0
Ford  Puma   1700 1.7
Ford  ST170   2.0
Ford  Escort  93> cosworth YB  2.0
Ford  Escort  93> Group A YBT 2.0
Ford  Sierra 82-93 Group A YBT (400-403 Oring )  2.0
Ford  Focus RS mk2    5 cylinder  2.5
Ginnetta GT3 V8  V8 nissan  3.6
Ginnetta GT3 V8  GM V8  7.0
GM  2005> LS2 5.96
GM   LS7, LS67, L92 7.0
GM Chevrolet   LS3, LS5, LS59  LS67, LS76, L92 7.0
GM   LS1 & LS6 4.8 - 6.0
Honda  Civic   01-06 B Series 2.0
Honda  S2000   1999–2003 AP1 (F20C) 2.0
Honda  S2000   2004–2009 AP1 (F20C) 2.0
Honda  Civic , Integra   K Series - K20, K23, K24 & K20a  2.0
Honda  Integra type R  01-06 B18C-R 2.0
Honda  S2000   2004–2009 AP2 (F22C1) 2.2
Honda  S2000   2008 - 2009 AP2 CR (F22C1) 2.2
Honda  NSX  90-97 3L  
Honda  NSX  97 3.2L 
Honda  CBR 1000   
Jaguar  XJ220   V64V twin turbo  3.0
Jaguar  XJR 11   V64V twin turbo  3.0
Jaguar  XJR 9  V12  6.0
Jenvey  IDA Throttle    
Jenvey  IDA or TB type    
Lancia  Integrale   8v  & 16 v  831 C5 2.0
Lancia  037   2.2 & 2.3
Lotus  Elise   rover K series  1.8
Lotus  Elise   Toyota  1.8
Lotus  Esprit  S3 & S54 910 turbo  2.2
Lotus  Esprit   S4  918 turbo  3.5
Lotus / Vauxhall  lotus carlton    3.2
Mazda  MX5  MK1  BP-4W  B6ZE 1.6
Mazda  MX5  MK1  BP-4W 1.8
Mazda  MX5  MK3 BP-4W 2.0
Mazda  MX5  MK2 BP-4W 1,8
Mazda  RX7  4 port  
Mclaren  MP12-4C   3.8
Mercury  V6 outboard    
MG / Rover  Metro 6R4  V64V 3.0 & 3.5 
MINI Mini cooper S supercharger   w11   
Mitsubishi Colt CTZ  4G63 1.5
Mitsubishi evo 5-9  4G63 2.0
Mitsubishi evo 10  4G63 2.0
Mitsubishi FTO   4G93 2.0
Mitsubishi FTO  6A12 2.0
Mitsubishi 3000 GTO   6G72 3.0
Nissan  S13 200SX  CA18 DET 1.8
Nissan  S13-14  SR20DETT 2.0
Nissan  S13-14  SR20 non VVT 2.0
Nissan  Silvia   SR20 non VVT 2.0
Nissan  180SX  SR20 non VVT 2.0
Nissan  Pulsar   SR20DETT 2.0
Nissan  S13- S14  SR20DETT 2.0
Nissan  R33  RB25 2.5
Nissan  R34 GTT  RB25 Neo  2.5
Nissan  R33 GTST- R34 GTT  RB25 2.5
Nissan  R34 GTT  R32 GTR R33 GTR RB26DETT 2.6
Nissan  350Z  VQ35 3.5
Nissan  R35 GTR  VQR38 3.8
Nissan  R32 GTST  RB20 
Porsche  911 - 997 twin turbo   997 
Rover    V8 3.9
Rover    V8  4.0
Rover    V8  4.6
Subaru  BRZ   2.0
Subaru  WRX /STI 2000 on  EJ20 top feed  2.0
Subaru  WRX /STI up to 2000 EJ20 side feed  2.0
Subaru  Impreza & Legacy   EJ20  Side feed  2.0/2.2 
Toyota Supra  1JZ turbo  2.5
Toyota Supra  2JZ GTE ( turbo )  3.0
Toyota  MR2 turbo  86-99 3S-GTE  Rev 2  2.0
Toyota  MR2 turbo + Celica turbo   3S-GTE  Rev 3 2.0
Toyota  GT86  EJ20  2.0
Toyota  Supra   1JZ VVT 2.5
Toyota  Supra   2JZ 3.0
Toyota  Supra   2JZ GE ( non turbo )  3.0
Toyota  Supra   2JZ 3.0
Toyota  Supra   1/2jz 2.5/3.0
Toyota  Celica GT4 group A  3S GTE ( TTE special build )  
Toyota  Starlett 80 series GT /  4E FET 1331cc  
TVR Tuscan v8, Cerbera  96- 03  AJP V8  4.0
TVR 350i - 450SEAC  84- 89 Rover V8  3.5 - 4.5 
TVR 350C, Tuscan6, Sagaris, Tamora, Typhon    96- 06  Speed six  3.6 & 4.0
Vauxhall Astra, Vectra  Z20LET 2.0
VW group    1.8 turbo, 5 valve  1.8
VW group   97- 08 VR6  2.8
VW group   93 - 97 VR6  2.9
VW group   03 - VR6 -R32 3.2

The complete range consists of :

Part No        FLOW RATE    Description        
ASNU90/300    300cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/300    300cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/350    350cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/350    350cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/400    400cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/400    400cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/450    450cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/450    450cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/500    500cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/500    500cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/550    550cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/550    550cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/600    600cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/600    600cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/650    650cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/650    650cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/700    700cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/700    700cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/750    750cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/750    750cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/800    800cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/800    800cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/850    850cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/850    850cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/900    900cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/900    900cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/950    950cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/950    950cc      PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/1000    1000cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/1000    1000cc  PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/1050    1050cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/1050    1050cc  PERFORMANCE INJECTOR - S/STEEL        
ASNU90/1050/14    1050cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL 14 HOLE        
ASNU93/1050/14    1050cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR 14 HOLE S/Steel        
ASNU90/1050C/XL    1050cc     XL PERFORMANCE INJECTOR-ACETAL 14 HOLE        
ASNU90/1100    1100cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -ACETAL        
ASNU93/1100    1100cc  PERFORMANCE INJECTOR -S/STEEL        
ASNU 90/1300    1300cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR 7 HOLES  -ALLOY        
ASNU 93/1300    1300cc  PERFORMANCE INJECTOR 7 HOLE -S/STEEL        
ASNU 90/1400    1400cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR 14 HOLE -ALLOY        
ASNU 93/1400    1400cc  PERFORMANCE INJECTOR 14 HOLE -S/STEEL        
ASNU 90/1500    1500cc     PERFORMANCE INJECTOR 8 HOLE -ALLOY        

Car Make Ford,Honda,Mazda,Nissan,Porsche,Toyota
Car Model 200SX,350Z,911,Celica,Civic,Escort,Focus,GT86,GTR,Integra,MR2,MX-5,NSX,Pulsar,Puma,R33,R34,R35 GTR,RX-7,S2000,Sierra,Silvia,Supra

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