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Nitron NTR Race R1 Suspension System

Nitron NTR Race R1 Suspension System
Nitron NTR Race R1 Suspension System
Brand: Nitron
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​NTR1 System

Nitron were established in the UK in 1998 and have gone on to be a leading suspension manufacturer for racing suspensions. They boast almost two decades of success in race wins and lap records.

READ our Blog Article about Nitron Suspension and what make them so great.

The Nitron shocks are hand built and each is customised to your exact needs, with damping and spring configurations taken into account. Their design team are like us – they are massive enthusiasts and some even compete in races themselves which means they have a combined insight into racing and product design that few can match.

We have fitted Nitron NTR3 3 way adjustable suspension to our own Race car. Read all about it.

The NTR R1 system offers unrivalled performance and value with a design that gives drivers a wide range of effective, easy to use damping control.

2-Way combined damping adjustment. Developed from our full race suspension and sharing many components with the R3 system, the R1 offers exceptional performance, reliability and value for both road and track use. Widely praised by drivers around the world and respected for out-performing considerably more expensive suspension kits.

R1 kits provides uncompromising quality, reliability and performance without the need for a remote canister. Fade-resistant and hand built with ultra-low friction components, the R1 shock is made to last on the road and track.

The high-grade materials protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight. Every R1 kit is custom built, sprung and fully serviceable. Titanium hard-anodised parts are hand built to last not only season after season, but also the harshest of winters.

 All kits are supplied complete, ready to fit with Nitron race springs (including helpers where required).

All kits are made to order. Lead time is around 3 - 9 days, but please note, this can also be up to 2 weeks.

Available for the following makes and models of car.
Make Model Year Part no
Ariel Atom 00-  NTCAR   010R1 
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 06-  NTCAM   011R1 
Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 06-  NTCAM   010R1 
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 08-  NTCAM   013R1 
Aston Martin DB9 04-  NTCAM   012R1 
Aston Martin V12 Vantage 09 -  NTCAM   015R1 
Audi R8 V8 07 -  NTCCU   0034R1 
BMW E30 Non M3** 82-92  NTCBM   021R1 
BMW E30 M3** 86-89  NTCBM   026R1 
BMW E36 non M3 92-98  NTCBM   019R1 
BMW E36 M3 92-98  NTCBM   015R1 
BMW E36/8 Z3 M 99-02  NTCBM   017R1 
BMW E46 non M3 98-06  NTCBM   010R1 
BMW E46 M3 00-07  NTCBM   011R1 
BMW E46 M3 Low Ride Height 00-07  NTCBM   018R1 
BMW E46 M3 CSL 03-04  NTCBM   012R1 
BMW E46 M3 CSL Low Ride Height 03-05  NTCBM   016R1 
BMW E81/ E82/ E87 Non 1M    NTCBM   020R1 
BMW E82 1M    NTCBM   025R1 
BMW E86 Z4 M 06-  NTCBM   013R1 
BMW E90/92 Non M3 07-  NTCBM   024R1 
BMW E90/E92 M3 07-  NTCBM   014R1 
Caterham Narrow track de-Dion pre'96 -96  NTCCA   010R1 
Caterham Narrow track de-Dion post'96 96-  NTCCA   011R1 
Caterham Wide track de-Dion pre'96 -96  NTCCA   012R1 
Caterham Wide track de-Dion post'96 96-  NTCCA   013R1 
Caterham CSR Duratec 04-  NTCCA   014R1 
Ferrari 355 94-99  NTCFE   010R1 
Ferrari 360 99-04  NTCFE   011R1 
Ferrari 308 75-85  NTCFE   015R1 
Ford Escort Mk II 75-80  NTCFO   010R1 
Honda S2000 99-  NTCHO   010R1 
Honda Civic FD2 06-  NTCHO   017R1 
Honda Civic Type R EP3 01-05  NTCHO   013R1 
Honda Integra Type R DC2 94-01  NTCHO   019R1 
Honda Integra Type R DC5 02-07  NTCHO   014R1 
Lamborghini Gallardo 03-  NTCLA   010R1 
Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG    NTCMB   010R1 
Mazda FD3S/RX-7 92-02  NTCMA   010R1 
Mazda MX5 NA/NB 89-05  NTCMA   011R1 
Mazda MX5 NC 05-15  NTCMA   013R1 
Mazda MX5 ND 15-  NTCMA   014R1 
BMW MINI Mini F56 14-  NTCMN   011R1 
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4/5 *** 96-99  NTCMI   012R1 
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 *** 99-01  NTCMI   013R1 
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-9 *** 01-07  NTCMI   010R1 
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X *** 08-  NTCMI   011R1 
Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R 89-94  NTCNI   010R1 
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R *** 94-99  NTCNI   011R1 
Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T 96  NTCNI   017R1 
Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R 99-02  NTCNI   012R1 
Noble M12 00-  NTCNO   010R1 
Noble M400 04-  NTCNO   013R1 
Noble M14 11-  NTCNO   014R1 
Noble M600 11-  NTCNO   015R1 
Radical Prosport, SR3 & SR8 99-  NTCRA   010R1 
Renault Clio 197/200 06-  NTCRE   012R1 
Renault Megane R26/R26R 06-  NTCRE   010R1 
Renault Megane 250/265 RS 09-  NTCRE   011R1 
Toyota Supra Mk4 93-02  NTCTO   010R1 
Toyota GT86 13-  NTCTO   011R1 
TVR V8S 86-94  NTCTV   010R1 
TVR Griffith 92-01  NTCTV   011R1 
TVR Chimaera 92-03  NTCTV   012R1 
TVR Cerbera 96-04  NTCTV   013R1 
TVR Tuscan 01-05  NTCTV   014R1 
TVR Tamora 01-  NTCTV   015R1 
TVR T350 03-  NTCTV   016R1 
TVR Sagaris 04-  NTCTV   017R1 
Westfield SEight 92-94  NTCWE   010R1 
Westfield Zetec 84-  NTCWE   011R1 
Westfield Megabusa / Blade / Bird 69-  NTCWE   012R1 
Westfield XTR2 00-  NTCWE   013R1 
Westfield XTR4 03-  NTCWE   014R1 

** Customers will be required to supply donor OE front suspension legs.
​*** R3 kits have dry-breaks on front hoses only. For dry-breaks on rear hoses please add £420 ​​


Car Make BMW,Ford,Honda,Mazda,Nissan,Renault,Toyota
Car Model Civic,Clio,Escort,GT86,GTR,Integra,MX-5,Megane,R32,R33,R34,RX-7,S2000,Supra,Z3,Z4

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