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Ferodo Racing Brake Pads DS1.11 (W/WB)

Several brake pads on the market boast 'ceramic' technology. DS1.11 is the real thing. It is based upon a chemical family known as Siloxanes. Unlike carbon based materials, siloxane chains do not decompose at high temperatures and so DS1.11 keeps on working up to the highest temperatures a brake pad could ever see. That means it won't fade and has excellent life, the best in the Ferodo Racing range. Moreover the performance remains exactly the same throughout the pad's (long) life. It is formulated to provide a very flat friction profile at a medium/high level of friction. The pad compression is very low, always, and so pedal travel is short and consistent.

The main characteristics of DS1.11 are:

  • Heavy duty endurance material
  • Applications - touring car, GT, single seat
  • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C
  • Long life
  • Very kind to discs


Part number FCP3W


Car MakeModelPad PlacementModel DescriptionCCEngine Output KWCar ModelFromToBrake Systemrestriction
ALFA ROMEO1750Rear1.7 GT1700801750Jan. 1968May. 1972ATE
ALFA ROMEO2000Rear22000972000Jun. 1971Dec. 1983ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear1.616008175May. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear1.818008875May. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear1.8 (Turbo)180011075Sep. 1986Aug. 1989ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear1.8 (Turbo)180011475May. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear220009675Jan. 1989Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear2.0 Twin Spark, Veloce200010775May. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear2.4 TD24008175Sep. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear2.52500113, 11875Jan. 1989Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Rear33000136, 13875Jan. 1989Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO90Rear2.5250011690Sep. 1984Dec. 1987ATE
ALFA ROMEO90Rear2.5250011690Jan. 1987Dec. 1992ATE
ALFA ROMEO90Rear3300090Sep. 1987Dec. 1992ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaRear1.6160080AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaRear1.8180090AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaRear2200096AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaRear2.0 TD200060AlfettaJan. 1980Dec. 1983ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaRear2.4 TD240081AlfettaJan. 1980Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaRear2.5 GTV62500116AlfettaJan. 1984Dec. 1987ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliaRear1.3130064GiuliaJan. 1966Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliaRear1.6160075GiuliaJan. 1966Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliaRear2.0 D2000GiuliaJan. 1976Dec. 1978ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaRear1.3130070GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaRear1.6160080GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaRear1.8180088GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaRear2200096GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaRear2.0 TD2000125GiuliettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOGTVRear22000GTVMar. 1986Dec. 1987ATE
ALFA ROMEOMontrealRear1.81800MontrealJan. 1966Dec. 1976ATE
ALFA ROMEOMontrealRear22000MontrealJan. 1966Dec. 1976ATE
ALFA ROMEOMontrealRear2.6 16V2600148MontrealJan. 1966Dec. 1976ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderRear1.31300SpiderJan. 1974Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderRear1.61600SpiderJan. 1974Dec. 1978ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderRear2200086, 92SpiderAug. 1990Dec. 1993ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderRear2.0 i2000SpiderJan. 1983Jul. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEOSZRear3.0 24V3000152, 188SZSep. 1989Dec. 1996ATE
BMW5 (E12)Rear52525001105 SeriesAug. 1976May. 1981ATE
BMW5 (E12)Rear528i28001255 SeriesAug. 1976May. 1981ATE
BMW5 (E12)Rear53030005 SeriesAug. 1976May. 1981ATE
BMW6 (E24)Rear52525006 SeriesJan. 1976Jun. 1982ATE
BMW6 (E24)Rear53030001356 SeriesJan. 1976Dec. 1980ATE
BMW6 (E24)Rear53030001356 SeriesJan. 1981Aug. 1982ATE
BMW6 (E24)Rear628Csi28001356 SeriesSep. 1979Aug. 1987ATE-> 06/82
BMW6 (E24)Rear633Csi32001456 SeriesApr. 1976Aug. 1984ATE
BMW6 (E24)Rear635Csi34001606 SeriesJun. 1978Jun. 1982ATE->06/82
DAF55Front1.111003455Jan. 1968Dec. 1975ATE
DAF66Front1.111003466Jan. 1972Dec. 1975ATE
DAF66Front1.313004266Jan. 1972Dec. 1975ATE
DODGELight VanFront1.1 (UK)1100Light VanJan. 1976Dec. 1983ATE
NSUPrinzFront022PrinzJan. 1961Dec. 1970ATE
NSUSpiderFrontWankel037SpiderJan. 1964Dec. 1967ATE
OPELKadett (B)Front11000KadettJan. 1967Dec. 1973ATE
OPELKadett (B)Front1.11100KadettJan. 1965Dec. 1972ATE
OPELKadett (B)Front1.21200KadettJan. 1967Dec. 1973ATE
OPELOlympiaFront1.11100OlympiaJan. 1967Dec. 1972ATE
PORSCHE1600Rear1.616001600Jan. 1964Dec. 1965ATE
PORSCHE356Rear1.6 C, SC1600356Jan. 1963Dec. 1966ATE
PORSCHE911Rear22000911Jan. 1965Dec. 1969ATE
PORSCHE912Rear1.6160066912Jan. 1965Dec. 1969ATE
PORSCHE914Front2.0 VW-Porsche 6200092914Jan. 1969Dec. 1973ATE
SAAB90Rear2.0 i L20007390Sep. 1984Dec. 1987ATE
SAAB900Rear2200074900Oct. 1978Dec. 1980ATE
SAAB900Rear2200074900Oct. 1980Aug. 1987ATE
SAAB99Rear220006999Jan. 1969Sep. 1974ATE
SAAB99Rear2.0 i200074, 87, 10799Sep. 1982Sep. 1984ATE
TALBOT1000Front1.0 1000, Rallye I10001000Jan. 1969Dec. 1981ATE
TALBOT1100Front1.1 Not Ti11001100Oct. 1970Dec. 1984ATE
VOLVO66Front1.313004266Jan. 1975Sep. 1980ATE
Car Make BMW,Porsche
Car Model 356,5 Series,6 Series,911,912,914
Condition New
Part Type Braking

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