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The main characteristics of DS3000 Endurance are:

  • Exceptionally high coefficient of friction (0,46) at all speeds and temperatures
  • No fade
  • Predictability in all conditions
  • Good release

Whilst lower in overall friction level than DS3000 and 'Plus' DS3000 Endurance has the same excellent modulation as its sister compounds whilst maintaining an excellent bite. All part numbers in the range feature a suffix. This suffix identifies the material compound available for each part number. Many part numbers are available in more than one material and are therefore listed accordingly on our website with different suffixes as explained below: H = DS2500 C = 4003 R = DS3000 M = DS3000 Plus 03 E = DS3000 Endurance W = DS1.11 X = DS2.11

Part number FCP2E


Car MakeModelPad PlacementModel DescriptionCCEngine Output KWCar ModelFromToBrake Systemrestriction
ALFA ROMEO6Rear2.52500110, 1166Jan. 1979Dec. 1987ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Front1.608175Sep. 1990Dec. 1992ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Front1.616008175May. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Front1.808875Sep. 1990Dec. 1992ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Front1.818008875May. 1985Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Front209675Sep. 1990Dec. 1992ATE
ALFA ROMEO75Front220009675Jan. 1989Sep. 1990ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront1.6080AlfettaJul. 1972Dec. 1978ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront1.6080AlfettaJan. 1979Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront1.6160080AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront1.8090AlfettaJul. 1972Dec. 1978ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront1.8090AlfettaJan. 1979Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront1.8180090AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront20AlfettaJul. 1972Dec. 1978ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront20AlfettaJan. 1979Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront2200096AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront2.0 TD060AlfettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront2.0 TD200060AlfettaJan. 1980Dec. 1983ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront2.4 TD240081AlfettaJan. 1980Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOAlfettaFront2.5 GTV62500116AlfettaJan. 1984Dec. 1987ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliaFront1.3130064GiuliaJan. 1966Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliaFront1.6160075GiuliaJan. 1966Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliaFront2.0 D2000GiuliaJan. 1976Dec. 1978ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront1.3070GiuliettaNov. 1977Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront1.3130070GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront1.6080GiuliettaNov. 1977Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront1.6160080GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront1.8088GiuliettaNov. 1977Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront1.8180088GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront2096GiuliettaNov. 1977Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront2200096GiuliettaJan. 1983Mar. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGiuliettaFront2.0 TD2000125GiuliettaJan. 1983Dec. 1985ATE
ALFA ROMEOGTVFront20GTVJan. 1976Feb. 1986ATE
ALFA ROMEOGTVFront22000GTVMar. 1986Dec. 1987ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderFront1.31300SpiderJan. 1974Dec. 1982ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderFront1.6075, 76SpiderJan. 1979Dec. 1991ATE
ALFA ROMEOSpiderFront1.61600SpiderJan. 1974Dec. 1978ATE
AUDI80Front1.3 Variant040, 4480Jan. 1966Dec. 1972ATE
AUDI80Front1.5 Variant05580Jan. 1966Dec. 1972ATE
AUDI80Front1.6 Variant080Jan. 1966Dec. 1972ATE
BMW02 (E10)Front1502 1.61600552 SeriesJan. 1975Dec. 1977ATE
BMW02 (E10)Front1600Ti 1.61600632 SeriesJan. 1964Dec. 1966ATE
BMW1500-2000Front1800 1.8 Ti / TiSA1800661500-2000Jan. 1963Sep. 1971ATE
BMW5 (E12)Rear53030005 SeriesJun. 1981May. 1988ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear72525007 SeriesJan. 1977Dec. 1979ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear72828001257 SeriesJan. 1977Jul. 1981ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear72828001257 SeriesJan. 1977Aug. 1979ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear73030001357 SeriesJan. 1977Dec. 1979ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear73030001357 SeriesJan. 1980Aug. 1981ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear73030001357 SeriesMay. 1977Aug. 1979ATE
BMW7 (E23)Rear732i / 733i32001457 SeriesMay. 1977Aug. 1986ATE->08/81
BMW7 (E23)Rear745i40002207 SeriesAug. 1981Apr. 1983ATE-> 08/81
MASERATI222Rear2.80222Jan. 1988Dec. 1989ATE
MASERATI222Rear2.80222Jan. 1989Oct. 1990ATE
MASERATI228Rear2.80228Jan. 1982Dec. 1989ATE
MASERATI228Rear2.8 18V0165228Jan. 1989Jun. 1993ATE
MASERATI420Rear20165420Jan. 1985Dec. 1989ATE
MASERATI422Rear2.20422Jan. 1989ATE
MASERATI422Rear2.20165422Jan. 1985Dec. 1989ATE
MASERATI425Rear2.50425Jan. 1985Dec. 1989ATE
MASERATI430Rear2.80430Jan. 1989Dec. 1994ATE
MASERATI430Rear2.8 18V0185430Jan. 1982Dec. 1989ATE
MASERATIBiturboRear20161BiturboJan. 1982Dec. 1988ATE
MASERATIBiturboRear2.50130, 147BiturboJan. 1982Dec. 1988ATE
MASERATIBiturboRear2.80185BiturboJan. 1982Dec. 1988ATE
MASERATIGhibliRear2.0 24V0225GhibliJan. 1989ATE
MASERATIGhibliRear2.8 24V0209GhibliJan. 1989ATE
MASERATIKarifRear2.8 18V0165KarifJan. 1989ATE
MASERATISpyderRear2.8 18V0165SpyderJan. 1989ATE
MATRABagheeraFrontAll Models0BagheeraJan. 1973Sep. 1978ATE
MERCEDES200Rear2.0 D W114, 1150200Jan. 1968Dec. 1976ATE
MERCEDES200Rear2.0 W114, 115063200Jan. 1968Dec. 1976ATE
MERCEDES220Rear2.2 D W114, 115044220Jan. 1968Dec. 1976ATE
MERCEDES230Rear2.3 W114, 1150230Jan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
MERCEDES234RearAll i W114, 1150234Jan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
MERCEDES234RearW114, 1150234Jan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
OPELAdmiralRear2.8 E0118AdmiralJan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
OPELAdmiralRear2.8 S097, 103AdmiralJan. 1964Dec. 1973ATE
OPELAscona (A)Front1.60AsconaJan. 1970Dec. 1975ATE
OPELAscona (A)Front1.6 i0AsconaJan. 1973Dec. 1975ATE
OPELAscona (A)Front1.6 i S, Auto051, 62AsconaJan. 1973Dec. 1975ATE
OPELAscona (A)Front1.9055, 66AsconaJan. 1970Dec. 1975ATE
OPELAscona (A)Front1.9 i055, 66AsconaJan. 1973Dec. 1975ATE
OPELCommodore (B)Rear2.5 Berlina085, 96CommodoreJan. 1972Aug. 1977ATE
OPELCommodore (B)Rear2.5 Berlina085, 96CommodoreAug. 1974Aug. 1977ATE
OPELCommodore (B)Rear2.80103CommodoreJan. 1972Aug. 1977ATE
OPELCommodore (B)Rear2.80103CommodoreAug. 1974Aug. 1977ATE
OPELCommodore (B)Rear2.80103, 118CommodoreJan. 1972Aug. 1977ATE
OPELCommodore (B)Rear2.80103, 118CommodoreAug. 1974Aug. 1977ATE
OPELDiplomatRear2.8 E0118DiplomatJan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
OPELDiplomatRear5.4 E 16V0169DiplomatJan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
OPELKadett (B)Front1.5053KadettJan. 1967Dec. 1972ATE
OPELKadett (B)Front1.9072KadettJan. 1967Dec. 1972ATE
OPELKadett (C)Front10KadettJan. 1973Jul. 1979ATE
OPELKadett (C)Front1.2040, 44KadettSep. 1973Jul. 1979ATE
OPELKadett (C)Front1.6055KadettSep. 1973Jul. 1979ATE
OPELKapitanRear2.8 E097KapitanJan. 1968Dec. 1973ATE
OPELManta (A)Front1.2040, 44MantaOct. 1970Aug. 1974ATE
OPELManta (A)Front1.6051, 55MantaOct. 1970Aug. 1974ATE
OPELManta (A)Front1.9066, 72, 81MantaOct. 1970Aug. 1974ATE
OPELMonzaRear2085MonzaJan. 1983Jul. 1983ATE
OPELMonzaRear2085MonzaAug. 1983Jun. 1986ATE
OPELMonzaRear2.2085MonzaAug. 1983Jun. 1986ATE
OPELMonzaRear2.5096MonzaJan. 1983Jul. 1983ATE
OPELMonzaRear2.5096MonzaAug. 1983Jun. 1986ATE
OPELMonzaRear2.80103MonzaJan. 1983Jul. 1983ATE
OPELMonzaRear2.80103MonzaAug. 1983Jun. 1986ATE
OPELMonzaRear30115, 132MonzaAug. 1983Jun. 1986ATE
OPELMonzaRear30132MonzaJan. 1983Jul. 1983ATE
OPELOlympiaFront1.50OlympiaJan. 1967Dec. 1972ATE
OPELOlympiaFront1.90OlympiaJan. 1967Dec. 1972ATE
OPELOmega LotusRear3.6 V6 32V0265, 281OmegaSep. 1990Mar. 1994ATE
OPELRekord (C)Front1.5040RekordAug. 1969Jan. 1972ATE
OPELSenator (A)Rear085, 103, 110, 132SenatorApr. 1978Jul. 1983ATE
OPELSenator (A)RearAll063, 85, 100, 103, 115, 132SenatorAug. 1983Aug. 1987ATE
OPELSenator (A)RearAll085, 103, 110, 132SenatorApr. 1978Jul. 1983ATE
PORSCHE1600Front1.616001600Jan. 1964Dec. 1965ATE
PORSCHE356Front1.6 C, SC1600356Jan. 1963Dec. 1966ATE
PORSCHE911Front22000911Jan. 1965Dec. 1969ATE
PORSCHE911Rear2.20911Jan. 1970Dec. 1971ATE
PORSCHE911Rear2.30911Jan. 1972Dec. 1973ATE
PORSCHE912Front1.6160066912Jan. 1965Dec. 1969ATE
PORSCHE914Front1.7 VW-Porsche 4063914Jan. 1969Dec. 1975ATE
SAAB99Front220006999Jan. 1969Sep. 1974ATE
TALBOT1000Front1.0 Rallye II, III01000Sep. 1972Dec. 1981ATE
TALBOTSimca 1301Front1.3043, 48Simca 1301Jan. 1966Dec. 1976ATE
TALBOTSimca 1501Front1.5054Simca 1501Jan. 1966Dec. 1976ATE
VAUXHALLChevanneFront1.3039, 42ChevanneJan. 1976Dec. 1982ATE
VAUXHALLChevetteFront1.2033ChevetteJan. 1975Dec. 1984ATE
VAUXHALLChevetteFront1.3037, 39, 42ChevetteJan. 1975Dec. 1984ATE
VAUXHALLRoyaleRear2.80103RoyaleJan. 1978Dec. 1984ATE
VAUXHALLRoyaleRear30132RoyaleJan. 1978Dec. 1984ATE
VAUXHALLSenatorRear2.50103SenatorOct. 1984Dec. 1985ATE
VAUXHALLSenatorRear30132SenatorOct. 1984Dec. 1985ATE
VOLKSWAGEN1600Front1.6 TA, TE, Variant01600Jan. 1972Dec. 1973ATE
VOLKSWAGEN411Front1.70411Jan. 1967Dec. 1973ATE
VOLVO240RearAll i0240Jan. 1974Aug. 1993ATE
VOLVO242RearAll i060, 73242Sep. 1974Dec. 1979ATE
VOLVO244RearAll i0244Sep. 1974Jun. 1985ATE
VOLVO245RearAll i0245Sep. 1974Jun. 1985ATE
VOLVO740RearAll i0740Jan. 1983Oct. 1991ATE
VOLVO760RearAll i0760Jan. 1982Jul. 1991ATE
VOLVO760RearAll i0760Aug. 1991Dec. 1992ATE
VOLVO780Rear2.0 i0780Jan. 1988Dec. 1990ATE
VOLVO780Rear2.4 i0780Jan. 1988Dec. 1990ATE
VOLVO780Rear2.8 Bertone0108, 125780Aug. 1986Jul. 1990ATE
VOLVO850Rear0103, 105, 125850Jun. 1991Dec. 1996ATE
VOLVO850RearAll i0850Jan. 1994Dec. 1996ATE
VOLVO850RearAll i0103, 105, 125850Jun. 1991Dec. 1993ATE
VOLVO940RearAll i0940Aug. 1990Sep. 1993ATE
VOLVO960RearAll i Saloon0960Aug. 1990Aug. 1993ATE
VOLVO960RearAll i Saloon0960Sep. 1993Nov. 1994ATE
VOLVO960RearAll i Saloon0960Nov. 1994Oct. 1996ATE
VOLVO960RearAll i SW Estate0960Aug. 1990Aug. 1993ATE
VOLVO960RearAll i SW Estate0960Sep. 1993Oct. 1996ATE
VOLVOC70Rear2.0 T5 20V0C70Jun. 1997ATE
VOLVOC70Rear2.3 i T5 20V0177C70Jun. 1997ATE
VOLVOC70Rear2.5 T 20V0142C70Jun. 1997ATE
VOLVOS70Rear2093, 105, 132S70Jan. 1997Nov. 2000ATE
VOLVOS70Rear2.3 20V0177S70Jan. 1997Nov. 2000ATE
VOLVOS70Rear2.5 20V0106, 125S70Jan. 1997Nov. 2000ATE
VOLVOV70Rear2093, 132, 166V70Jan. 1997Feb. 2000ATE
VOLVOV70Rear2.3 20V0177V70Jan. 1997Feb. 2000ATE
VOLVOV70Rear2.40103, 106, 125, 142V70Jan. 1997Feb. 2000ATE
Car Make BMW,Porsche
Car Model 2 Series,356,5 Series,7 Series,911,912,914
Condition New
Part Type Braking

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