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Folded Stainless Steel T28 Manifold Turbo Gasket - RNN14 GTiR Pulsar SR20DET

Folded Stainless Steel T28 Manifold Turbo Gasket - RNN14 GTiR Pulsar SR20DET
Brand: Conceptua
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Nissan  RNN14  Pulsar  GTiR  SR20DET

4WD,  Twin Cam, 16 Valve, Turbo

T28 Manifold to Turbo Gasket! 

'Chunky' Folded Stainless Design!

Genuine Kenjutsu Racing Lab

Chunky Folded Stainless T28 Manifold to Turbo gasket for RNN14 Pulsar GTiR SR20DET engine from Kenjutsu Racing Lab. This gasket is fantastic quality yet is far cheaper than the Genuine Nissan one!

  • Nissan RNN14 Pulsar GTiR SR20DET
  • T28 Manifold to Turbo Gasket
  • Chunky, All Stainless Folded Construction
  • Strong & Tough
  • Another Quality Kenjutsu Racing Lab Product
  • Great gasket selection from our range
  • Aftermarket gaskets also available

Any gasket (including genuine Nissan ones) will fail if- 1. It is not torqued down securely, and 2. The gasket mating faces are not perfectly flat.  The SR20DET is notorious for these nuts working loose, and the escaping gas can quickly wreck gaskets and in extreme conditions the gasket faces too.  For best results check that the mating faces are true, and use our unique Kenjutsu Locktab and Locknut kit which will help keep your nuts nipped up nice and tight. Changing this gasket means removing both the manifold and the turbo to get to the rear nuts- so you won't want to do the job twice!

Car Make Nissan
Car Model Pulsar
Condition New

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