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NGK Ignition Coil - For Datsun S30 280Z L28E

NGK Ignition Coil - For Datsun S30 280Z L28E
Brand: Conceptua
Product Code: 112962762010
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Datsun  S30  280Z  L28E

Fuel Injection

Inline 6, 12 Valve, Overhead Cam

Ignition Coil 

Genuine NGK

  • Datsun S30 280Z L28E
  • Fuel Injection
  • Genuine NGK
  • Wet Ignition Coil
  • With Insulating Strip and Additional Terminals
  • Great Price!
  • Great for Stock or modified engines
  • Other Ignition Parts available
Car Make Nissan
Car Model 280Z
Condition New

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