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Tein Adjustment Wrench Set

Tein Adjustment Wrench Set
Brand: TEIN
Product Code: SST01-K0335-B
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(1) Chromium-Vanadium Alloy Steel for High-Intensity
(2) Polished Finish for Artistic Appearance (Mirror Finish)
(3) Round Shape to Fit Comfortably in Hand
(4) Increased Overlap Area for Better Workability
(5) 12.7mm (1/2 in.) Hole for Attaching Spinner Handle etc.
(6) 17mm Hex Hole for Pre-Tightening of Top Nut
(7) Projection for Anchoring Full-Length Adjustment Bracket

* Corresponds to spring seats with outer diameter 70 to 150mm * Only 6mm thick, to hold well on most types of spring seats (General purpose wrench: 8 to 9mm thick) * Application chart (for both TEIN and other products) printed on the back of package
Condition New
Part Type Suspension

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