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New - Holts De-Icer 300ml !! FREE Mainland UK Delivery !!

New - Holts De-Icer 300ml !! FREE Mainland UK Delivery !!
Brand: Conceptua
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Get Going Fast on Frosty Mornings!!


Clears your Windscreen of Frost & Ice Quickly and Safely. . .

Powerful 300ML Aerosol

With Winter coming De-Icer is a must for any driver, especially in the UK with our unpredictable weather!!

Developed and tested here in the UK for drivers like you, Holts De-Icer makes it easy and simple to clear your windows and get you on the road quickly.

Holts De-Icer comes in a powerful aerosol that works down to -15 Degrees, removing frost and ice quickly and easily without smearing.

Make sure you keep a can in your car or garage to ensure you are always prepared for icy conditions.

When frost sets in a quick spray onto your windows and Holts De-Icer will do the hard work for you!!
Condition New

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