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Front Lower Arm Inner Front Poly SuperPro Bush Kit- Mazda Mk1 NX5 NA 1.6 B6ZE

Front Lower Arm Inner Front Poly SuperPro Bush Kit- Mazda Mk1 NX5 NA 1.6 B6ZE
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 Mazda  Mk1  MX5  NA  1.6  B6ZE

Twin Cam, 16 Valve

Uprated Front Lower Arm Inner Polyurethane Bush Kit 

Front / Forward Bush

Ideal for Drifting, Trackdays, Fast Road etc.

Genuine SuperPro

Conceptua Tuning bring you this Uprated Polyurethane Bush Kit from SuperPro for the Forward Bush on the Front Lower Arms on Mk1 MX5's. This kit contains enough to do BOTH sides.  This kit is not only an upgrade, but also a cost effective straight replacement.

The Durometer (Hardness) of this Polyurethane Bush Kit has been specifically designed to give a significant improvement over the response of the original Bushes- ideal for drifting, Trackdays, Fast Road, etc.  You will appreciate the more accurate control of the arms, which translates into enhanced cornering, and a more precise feel to the steering.

  • Mazda Mk1 MX5 NA 1.6 B6ZE 
  • Front Lower Arm Inner Uprated Polyurethane Bush Kit
  • Front / Forward Bush Location
  • More accurate track control
  • Ideal for Drifting, Trackdays, Fast Road, etc
  • Genuine SuperPro
  • Complete axle set- does both sides
  • Many other SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes available-
  • Upper & Lower Control Arms, Diff Bushes, Anti Roll Bar Bushes, & many more
  • Also see our Suspension section for-
  • Track Rod Ends, Tie Rods, Anti Roll Bar Droplink Bushes, Etc., Etc.
Car Make Mazda
Car Model MX-5
Condition New

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