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Mishimoto Rockstar Compact baffled Oil Catch Can, 2 port

Mishimoto Rockstar Compact baffled Oil Catch Can, 2 port
Brand: Mishimoto
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So you thought Rockstar just created delicious, effervescent energy drinks? Well you're half right. Rockstar Performance Garage is proud to partner with Mishimoto to release the exclusive Rockstar Special Edition Compact Two-Port Baffled Oil Catch Can. With years of research and development time, this product is the most effective compact oil catch can on the market.

The Mishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can seperates oil particles from the PCV/CCV air that would normally just route back to your intake. The internal air diverter in the can turbulates the air longer and insures all the oil sinks to the bottom of the can, leaving nothing but clean air to pass through the 50 micron bronze filter to the intake. An internal baffle keeps the collected oil from splashing around under race conditions. This oil catch can features two ports, one inlet and one outlet, for easy installations on PCV and CCV systems.

This billet 6061 aluminium can features 3/8" NPT threads at the inlet, oulet, and drain area and includes two black nylon fittings to make installation effortless. For maximum fitment options the top mounting setup allows the can to be mounted from multiple angles.

To make maintainence easy, the drain plug can be removed to allow for a return to the oil pan. The can is also 100% washable, unlike many other cans that require you to replace your filtration system.

The can is laser etched with the Rockstar logo.


  • Limited edition collaborative design by Rockstar and Mishimoto

  • Separates oil particles from PCV/CCV air using 50 micron bronze filter

  • Billet 6061 aluminium sealed can

  • Protects engine from oil blow-by

  • Helps maintain proper octane levels to reduce detonation

  • Filter and can are fully serviceable

  • Internal air diverter turbulates air longer to improve oil separation

  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

  • Overall height : 3.80" (without fittings)

  • Overall diameter : 2.50" (without fittings)

  • Inlet : 3/8" NPT

  • Outlet 3/8" NPT

  • Drain plug thread size : 3/8 NPT

  • Capacity : 2 fl oz

  • Assembled weight : 0.9 lbs (0.41 kgs)

Condition New
Part Type Cooling

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