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Lightweight Competition Clutch Flywheel - For Toyota R154 Conversion to 1JZ 2JZ

Lightweight Competition Clutch Flywheel - For Toyota R154 Conversion to 1JZ 2JZ
Brand: Conceptua
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Manual  Transmission  Conversion  &  Swap

1JZ-GTE  Engine with R154 Gearbox

2JZ-GTE  Engine with R154 Gearbox

2JZ-GE  Engine with R154 Gearbox

Twin Cam, Turbo & Twin Turbo, 24 Valve

5 Speed Gearbox

Lightweight Flywheel

Billet Chromoly Steel

Lightweight- 6.35kg

Superior Engine Response

Genuine Competition Clutch

Conceptua Tuning offer this uprated Ultra Lightweight Flywheel for Toyota JZ Engines with R154 5 speed gearbox. Whether you are converting from automatic or swapping out a W58, if you are using the R154 gearbox, this flywheel is ideal for your needs! This Strong Ultra Lightweight Billet Chromoly Flywheel weighs in at just 6.35KG- making your engine more responsive and more willing to rev.  

  • Toyota - Manual Tranmission
  • JZ Engine with R154 Gearbox
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • One Piece Billet Chromoly Construction
  • Genuine Competition Clutch
  • Only 6.35 KG for Increased Engine Responsiveness
  • Helps Engine Rev Pickup
  • Suits PULL Clutch
  • Brand New
  • Every 1 Kg Removed from Engine Rotating Mass = 16 Kg Removed from Vehicle Weight
  • Extensive Range of Uprated Clutches to Suit also available
  • Range of Stock & Uprated Clutches Available

Condition New
Part Type Engine

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