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Hardrace HIACE TRH200/KDH200 FRT RC BALL JOINT [7513]

Hardrace HIACE TRH200/KDH200 FRT RC BALL JOINT [7513]
Brand: Hard Race
Product Code: 7513
Price: £179.87
Ex VAT: £149.89
Availability: 3 - 9 Days Stock Status Information
Last Stock Check: 2019-10-07 11:21:24
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By installing the HARDRACE Roll-Center Adjusters, it will correct the suspension geometry of a lowered car, putting the control arms back closer to its original position, resulting in increased steering response and stability while eliminating bump steer

. Decreases body roll
. Improves tire contact patch with the road
. Increases steering wheel responsiveness
. Enables increased cornering force
Condition New
Part Type Suspension

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