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Hardrace 200SX 240SX S14 S15 HARD TIE ROD 2PCS/SET [6221]

Hardrace 200SX 240SX S14 S15 HARD TIE ROD 2PCS/SET [6221]
Brand: Hard Race
Product Code: 6221
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HARD tie rod made of unique high density steel, the metal stud provides accurate, consistent, rotational movement resulting in excellent responsive steering.

. 5mm built-in rack spacer to increase steering lock
. Increase steering response
. OEM direct replacement
. Regular greasing not required
. No noise or squeaks

We provide items for Nissan S13 S14 S15. R32 R33 R34 Skyline GTSt, GTR and GTT. Z32 300zx models
We are a UK dealer of Hardrace parts. Hardrace manufacture Nissan chassis parts including camber arms, camber kits and rubber bushings, adjustble arms, handling parts and all other items you might need to change your suspension geometry.
Using high quality rose joints, HardRace arms eliminate the original soft rubber bushes to improve suspension response and provide more direct handling.
A comprehensive range of adjustable arms and packages available which contain an array of adjustable suspension components including front tension rods, rear camber arms, rear traction rods.
Replacing your factory control arms with these adjustable units will give you the added adjustability and range when fine-tuning your suspension.
Get your car handling the way it should.
Do not confuse these with cheap, generic arms, they are high quality items designed for Hard Race !


Adjusting your front camber is a necessity if you have lowered your car or fitted larger/wider wheels. If you are trying to get the correct stance and fitment, sometimes it is necessary to dial in a bit more camber in order to fit your wheel and tyre combination under the arches or to help reduce nagative camber which can excessively wear the inner edges of tyres.
In addition, if you are using the car for drifting, it is normally desirable to run as much front camber as possible.
It is also important to have camber adjustment on a lowered stiffer car in order to gain as much grip as possible through corners. This is achieved by setting static camber for when the car rolls onto the contact patch of the tyre to engage as much tyre with the ground as possible.


Replacing the standard Nissan traction rods with our fully adjustable items allows you to finely tune the suspension setup and characteristics of your car. The traction rods dictate how much toe-in is set on the rear wheels under compression, an essential setting that becomes much more apparent if you are running a wider track. The standard items are also prone to flex, so replacing them with these flex-free items will improve your handling further.


A pair of steel adjustable front tension rods for Nissans. These allow for a wide range of caster adjustment – increasing and decreasing caster can alter turn-in aggression, mid-corner feel and ease of control (especially useful on drift cars). Ideal if you also have issues with worn out standard items.


A pair of adjustable front lower arms for Nissan. These feature roll centre correction and adjustable bump stops and allow for changes in track width - this is particularly useful when trying to accomodate more steering angle on drift cars. Other benefits include more precise steering control and feedback along with removing the binding and slop that is often present with the stock suspension setup. Great for circuit cars too.
These feature a small amount of roll centre correction and allow for changes in track width. Other benefits include removing the binding and slop that is often present with the stock suspension setup.
Car Make Nissan
Car Model 200SX,240
Condition New
Part Type Suspension

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