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GMB Water Pump Kit - For Datsun S30 260Z L26

GMB Water Pump Kit - For Datsun S30 260Z L26
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Datsun  S30  260Z  L26 Engine

12 Valve, OHC, Inline Six

Quality Water Pump

OE Spec

  • Datsun S30 260Z L26
  • Water Pump
  • Quality water pump
  • Other Cooling System Parts Available
  • See our other listings for-
  • Thermostats
  • Radiator Cap, & Uprated Radiator Caps
  • Many other uprated parts available ; )

A new water pump may help if you have tuned your engine- as the old water pump may well not be up to the task. A failed water pump could mean a wrecked engine, especially with tuned engines which put an increased strain on the cooling system in general.

Condition New
Part Type Engine

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