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Genuine Walbro Fuel Pump- For PS13 SR20DET Redtop 'Straightcam' Upra 255lph

Genuine Walbro Fuel Pump- For PS13 SR20DET Redtop 'Straightcam' Upra 255lph
Brand: Conceptua
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Nissan  PS13  SR20DET

Redtop 'Straightcam' Engines

Twin Cam, 16 valve, Turbo

Uprated 255lph Genuine Walbro Fuel Pump

from Nissan Peformance specialists Conceptua Tuning

Upgrade your PS13 fuel pump with these ultra reliable Walbro 255lph pumps. Specifically designed to improve fuel delivery for increase horsepower engines- these fuel pumps are an essential if you are starting to tune your SR20DET. Cars with just minor mods are still running pumps that may not be running as well as they were. High power setups and bigger boost engines need the security of knowing that sufficient fuel is being delivered at all times, expecially under high load.

  • PS13 SR20DET
  • Redtop 'Straightcam' Engines
  • Genuine Walbro Fuel Pump
  • Ultra Reliable
  • Essential to prevent engine running lean under high boost
  • 255 LPH (Litres per Hour) delivery
  • Will support up to 500 HP
  • Direct replacement for the stock in tank pump
  • Comes complete with fitting kit and in tank fuel filter


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