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Brand: Ferodo
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Ferodo R-DS3000

DS3000 is the FERODO RACING compound that has set the braking standard from 1998. It has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in many Touring car, rally & GT championships around the world. The main characteristics of DS3000 are:

  • Heavy duty all-round material choice
  • Short bedding time
  • Multiple applications including touring car, rally, Group N, single seat, hill-climb
  • Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-650°C


Part number FCP596R


Car MakeModelPad PlacementModel DescriptionCCEngine Output KWCar ModelFromToBrake Systemrestriction
ALFA ROMEO155Rear1.8 i Twin Spark095155Feb. 1992Apr. 1996LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear1.9 TD066155Feb. 1992Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear2.0 Q4 (Turbo) 16V0137155Feb. 1992Dec. 1995LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear2.0 Q4 (Turbo) 16V0137155Jan. 1995Mar. 1996LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear2.0 Twin Spark0104155Feb. 1992Dec. 1995LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear2.0 Twin Spark 16V0110155Jan. 1995Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear2.5 V60121155Feb. 1992Dec. 1995LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO155Rear2.5 V60121155Jan. 1995Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear2.0 (Turbo)0148164Jan. 1992Feb. 1995LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear2.0 (Turbo)0150164Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear2.0 Twin Spark0106164Jul. 1987Jun. 1989LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear2.5 TD086164Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear2.5 TD092164Jan. 1992Feb. 1995LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear2.5 V60120164Sep. 1992Dec. 1998LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear3.0 V6 24V0132164Jan. 1992Feb. 1995LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO164Rear3.0 V6 24V0141164Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
ALFA ROMEO33Rear1.708433Jan. 1986Aug. 1990LUCAS/TRWABS
AUDI100Rear1.8 100 Quattro066100Jan. 1984Aug. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear1.8 100 Quattro Avant066100Jan. 1985Aug. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear1.8 Avant066100Jan. 1982Jan. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear1.9074100Sep. 1982Dec. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear1.9 Avant074100Jan. 1982Jan. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2051, 66100Sep. 1982Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2051, 66100Oct. 1988Dec. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2074100Dec. 1990Jun. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 100 Quattro085, 98100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 100 Quattro Avant085, 103100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 100 Quattro E 16V0103100Jan. 1993Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 Avant051100Jan. 1982Jan. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 Avant E085100Jan. 1985Nov. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 Avant Not S4085100Jan. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 D051100Aug. 1982Jul. 1984LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 D051100Aug. 1984Jul. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 D Avant051100Mar. 1983Aug. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 D Avant051100Sep. 1988Nov. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 TD051, 66100Aug. 1982Jul. 1984LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.0 TD051, 66100Aug. 1984Nov. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.1095, 96100Sep. 1982Dec. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.1 Avant095, 96100Jan. 1982Jan. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 100 Quattro0101100Jan. 1984Aug. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 100 Quattro 20V0169100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 100 Quattro Avant0101100Jan. 1984Aug. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 100 Quattro Avant0101, 103, 121, 169100Jan. 1985Aug. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 100 Quattro Avant 20V0101, 103, 121, 169100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 10V085, 101, 103, 121100Sep. 1982Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 10V085, 101, 103, 121100Oct. 1988Dec. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 Avant085, 100, 101100Jan. 1982Jan. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.2 S4 + SW Estate0169100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 100 Quattro098, 100100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 100 Quattro Avant0100100Jan. 1985Aug. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 100 Quattro Avant098, 100100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 10V0100100Sep. 1982Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 10V0100100Oct. 1988Dec. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 Avant098100Jan. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.3 E098100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.4 D060100Aug. 1989Jul. 1991LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.4 D060100Aug. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.4 D Avant060100Jan. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.5 TD060100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.5 TD 10V088100Sep. 1982Dec. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.5 TD Avant085100Jan. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.5 TDi085100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.5 TDi088100Jan. 1990Nov. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.6 100 Quattro Avant0110100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.6 E0110100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.8 100 Quattro Avant0128100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear2.8 E0128100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI100Rear4.2 100 Quattro 32V0206100Dec. 1990Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear20200Sep. 1983Nov. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear2.0 TD055200Sep. 1983Nov. 1990LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear2.10100, 125200Jan. 1979Jul. 1983LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear2.1085, 100, 134200Jul. 1983Jan. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear2.20100200Oct. 1979Sep. 1982LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear2.20103200Jul. 1983Jan. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI200Rear2.30100200Jul. 1983Jan. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.6052, 7580Jul. 1991Jan. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.8 80 Quattro06680Sep. 1986Aug. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.8 80 Quattro066, 68, 8280Jan. 1983Sep. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.8 E055, 64, 66, 8280Sep. 1986Jun. 1991LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.9 80 Quattro08380Sep. 1986Aug. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.9 E08380Sep. 1986Jun. 1991LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.9 TD080Jul. 1991Aug. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.9 TD080Sep. 1992Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear1.9 TDi06680Jul. 1992Jan. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 80 Quattro082, 8580Jun. 1991Jul. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 80 Quattro082, 8580Aug. 1992Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 80 Quattro08580Aug. 1982Dec. 1984LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 80 Quattro08580Jan. 1985Sep. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 Avant010680Jul. 1992Jan. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 E 16V010380Jul. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.0 Not Sport 16V010180Sep. 1986Jun. 1991LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.1 80 Quattro096, 10080Jan. 1983Sep. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.2 80 Quattro 20V016980Jan. 1983May. 1987LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.2 80 Quattro Saloon 20V016980Jun. 1991Jul. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.2 E080Sep. 1986Jun. 1991LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.3 80 Quattro Saloon09880Jun. 1991Jul. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.3 E09880Jul. 1991Jul. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.3 E09880Aug. 1992Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.6011080Jul. 1992Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.6 80 Quattro Saloon011080Jun. 1991Jul. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.6 80 Quattro V6 Avant011080Jul. 1992Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDI80Rear2.8 80 Quattro Saloon012880Jun. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear208590Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.0 90 Quattro010090Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.0 90 Quattro08590Jan. 1985Jul. 1987LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.2010090Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.2089, 10090Jan. 1984Jul. 1987LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.2 90 Quattro010090Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.2 90 Quattro089, 10090Jan. 1985Jul. 1987LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.3098, 10090Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.3 90 Quattro09890Jan. 1985Jul. 1987LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.3 90 Quattro09890Jul. 1987Dec. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.3 90 Quattro E012590Apr. 1987Jul. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.3 E010090Apr. 1987Jul. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDI90Rear2.3 E09890Mar. 1990Jul. 1991LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)Rear2.6 quattro2600110A4Jan. 1995Feb. 1999LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)Rear2.8 quattro2800128A4Jan. 1995Jul. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)Rear2.8 quattro2800142A4Oct. 1996Feb. 1999LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear1.6074A4Nov. 1994Sep. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear1.8 20V0110A4Nov. 1994Sep. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear1.8 Turbo 20V0110, 132A4Nov. 1994Jul. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear1.9 TDi066, 81A4Nov. 1994Sep. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear2.60110A4Nov. 1994Nov. 2000LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear2.6 quattro2600110A4Jan. 1996Sep. 2001LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear2.8 30V0142A4Nov. 1994Nov. 2000LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear2.8 quattro2800128A4Jan. 1996Sep. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)Rear2.8 quattro2800142A4Oct. 1996Feb. 1999LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear1.8 20V092A6Dec. 1995Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear1.8 20V quattro180092A6Dec. 1995Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear1.9 TDi066A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear2.0 16V0103A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear2.0 16V quattro2000103A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear2.3 quattro230098A6Jun. 1994Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear2.5 TDi quattro2500103A6Jun. 1994Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear2.6 quattro2600110A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)Rear2.8 30V quattro2800142A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)RearS6 4.2 quattro4172213S6 QuattroJun. 1994Oct. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)RearS6 Plus quattro4172240S6 QuattroApr. 1994Oct. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 (4A, C4)RearS6 Turbo quattro2226169S6 QuattroJun. 1994Oct. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear1.8 20V092, 110A6Dec. 1995Jul. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear1.8 20V quattro180092A6Dec. 1995Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear1.9 TDi066, 81, 85A6Jun. 1995Jul. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.0 16V0103A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.0 16V quattro2000103A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.3098A6Jun. 1994Dec. 1995LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.3 quattro230098A6Jun. 1994Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.5 TDi0103A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.5 TDi085A6Jun. 1994Mar. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.5 TDi quattro2500103A6Jun. 1994Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.60102, 110A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.6 quattro2600110A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.8 30V0142A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)Rear2.8 30V quattro2800142A6Jun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)RearS6 4.2 quattro4172213S6 quattroJun. 1994Feb. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)RearS6 Plus quattro4172240S6 QuattroJun. 1994LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA6 Avant (4A, C4)RearS6 Turbo quattro2226169S6 QuattroJun. 1994Dec. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8Rear2.5 TDi0110A8Jun. 1994Mar. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8Rear2.5 TDi 24V0110A8Apr. 1996May. 2000LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8Rear2.80128A8Jun. 1994Mar. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8Rear3.7 32V0169A8Sep. 1994Jul. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8Rear3.7 32V0169A8Aug. 1996Oct. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8 (4D2, 4D8)Rear2.8 30V quattro2800142A8Apr. 1996Oct. 2002LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8 (4D2, 4D8)Rear2.8 quattro2800128A8Mar. 1994Mar. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8 (4D2, 4D8)Rear3.7 32V quattro3700169A8Jul. 1995Oct. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDIA8 (4D2, 4D8)Rear4.2 V8 32V quattro4200180A8Apr. 1996Oct. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear1.60CabrioJan. 1991Jul. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear1.8 20V092CabrioJan. 1991Mar. 1997LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear1.8 20V092CabrioApr. 1997Jul. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear1.9 TDi066CabrioJan. 1995Jul. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear2.0 16V085, 103CabrioJan. 1991Jul. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear2.3 E098CabrioJan. 1991Jul. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICabrioRear2.60110CabrioJan. 1993Jul. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear1.8064, 66, 68CoupeSep. 1985Dec. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear1.8064, 82CoupeJan. 1987Jul. 1989LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear1.9 10V085CoupeSep. 1985Dec. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2085CoupeSep. 1985Aug. 1989LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2085CoupeSep. 1989Jul. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2085CoupeAug. 1992Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.2 10V085, 100CoupeJan. 1986Aug. 1989LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.2 i077, 85CoupeFeb. 1981Dec. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.2 i096CoupeFeb. 1981Dec. 1985LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.2 S2 (Turbo) 20V0162, 169CoupeOct. 1990Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.30100CoupeFeb. 1987Dec. 1989LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.3 E098CoupeJan. 1990Jul. 1992LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.3 E098CoupeAug. 1992Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupeRear2.8 E0128CoupeJan. 1991Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupe QuattroRear1.80CoupeNov. 1984Aug. 1987LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupe QuattroRear2.0 10V0118CoupeNov. 1984Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupe QuattroRear2.2089, 100CoupeJan. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDICoupe QuattroRear2.3098CoupeJan. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
AUDIS8 QuattroRear4.2 32V0250S8 QuattroJul. 1996Sep. 1998LUCAS/TRW
AUDISport QuattroRear2.10225Sport QuattroJan. 1980Jul. 1986LUCAS/TRW
AUDISport QuattroRear2.20Sport QuattroJan. 1980Jul. 1986LUCAS/TRW
FIATCoupe (FA/175)Rear2.0 16V Turbo2000140CoupeNov. 1993Aug. 1996LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear1.9 D066CromaOct. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear1.9 TD0CromaOct. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear2.0 (Turbo)0114CromaOct. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear2.0 16V0103CromaJan. 1993Mar. 1995LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear2.0 CHT/i.e.066, 88CromaOct. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear2.5 D, TD085CromaOct. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear2.5 TD0117CromaOct. 1985Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
FIATCromaRear2.5 V6 (Turbo)0118CromaJan. 1993Dec. 1996LUCAS/TRW
FIATTipoRear2080, 83, 102TipoJan. 1991Dec. 1995LUCAS/TRW
FIATTipoRear2.0 16V0107TipoJan. 1991Dec. 1995LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2083, 85, 88, 122ThemaJan. 1984Dec. 1987LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.0 (Turbo) 16V0148ThemaOct. 1992May. 1995LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.0 16V0112ThemaAug. 1992Dec. 1993LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.5 TD087ThemaJan. 1984Dec. 1987LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.5 TD SW Estate087ThemaJan. 1988Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.8 V60108ThemaOct. 1985Dec. 1987LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.9 8.32 32V0158ThemaJan. 1986Sep. 1988LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear2.9 8.32 32V0158ThemaSep. 1988Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
LANCIAThemaRear3.0 V60126ThemaJan. 1991Dec. 1994LUCAS/TRW
VOLKSWAGENGolf (2)Rear1.8 GT, Gti062, 66GolfAug. 1986Dec. 1991LUCAS/TRW
VOLKSWAGENGolf (2)Rear1.8 GTi 16V0102GolfOct. 1985Jul. 1986LUCAS/TRW
VOLKSWAGENPASSATRear1.6074PassatOct. 1996Jul. 2000LUCAS/TRW
VOLKSWAGENPASSATRear1.9 TDi Saloon081, 85PassatOct. 1996Nov. 2000LUCAS/TRW
Car Make Audi,Volkswagen
Car Model Avant,Golf,Passat,Quattro
Condition New
Part Type Braking

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