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Ferodo racing Racing Brake pads 4003

4003 is a compound that was specifically developed for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Formula Campus) and occasionally for Rally use.

The main characteristics of 4003 are:

  • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-450°C
  • Very short bedding time
  • Excellent bite
  • Low drag & Excellent release
  • Offers control to avoid wheel lock when downforce reduces


Part number FCP558C


Car MakeModelPad PlacementModel DescriptionCCEngine Output KWCar ModelFromToBrake Systemrestriction
CITROENSaxoRear1.6 16V087SaxoFeb. 1996Apr. 2002BENDIX
CITROENSaxoRear1.6 Challenge0SaxoFeb. 1996BENDIX
CITROENSaxoRear1.6 Cup0SaxoFeb. 1996Dec. 2000BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear1.4 i Saloon055XsaraSep. 1997Sep. 2000BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear1.6 i066XsaraMay. 1998Aug. 2000BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear1.8 i SW Estate044XsaraMay. 1998BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear1.9 D Saloon051XsaraJan. 1998Sep. 2000BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear1.9 TD Saloon051XsaraJan. 1998BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear1.9 TD SW Estate051XsaraFeb. 1998BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear2.0 HDi Saloon, SW Estate066XsaraJan. 1999Sep. 2000BENDIX
CITROENXsaraRear2.0 i 16V0XsaraSep. 1997BENDIX
CITROENZXRear1.9 TD Volcane0ZXMar. 1991Jun. 1992BENDIXABS
CITROENZXRear1.9 TD Volcane0ZXJul. 1992Jun. 1994BENDIXABS
CITROENZXRear1.9 Volcane0ZXMar. 1991Jun. 1992BENDIXABS
CITROENZXRear1.9 Volcane0ZXJul. 1992Jun. 1994BENDIXABS
CITROENZXRear2.0 Volcane089ZXJan. 1992Oct. 1997BENDIX
CITROENZXRear2.0 Volcane 16V0110, 112, 120ZXJul. 1992Oct. 1997BENDIX
PEUGEOT106Rear1.3i Rallye072106Jan. 1993Apr. 1996BENDIX
PEUGEOT106Rear1.6 i 16V087106Jan. 1994Mar. 1996BENDIXABS
PEUGEOT106Rear1.6 i GTi 16V087106Jan. 1996BENDIXABS
PEUGEOT106Rear1.6 i Rallye076106Jan. 1996Dec. 1999BENDIXABS
PEUGEOT205Rear1.6 i CTi, GTi077, 85205Mar. 1984Aug. 1992BENDIX
PEUGEOT205Rear1.9 i CTi, Gentry077205Oct. 1991Dec. 1993BENDIX
PEUGEOT205Rear1.9 i GTi074, 77, 89, 96205Jan. 1987Dec. 1993BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear1.6 CC 16V160080206Jul. 2000BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear1.6 CC 16V160080206Sep. 2000BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear1.6 i , CC 16V160080206Sep. 2000BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear1.6 i SW 16V160080206Jul. 2002BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear1.6 XS Coupe1600120206Jan. 2002BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 16V, CC 16V099206Aug. 1998BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 Coupe circuit + rallye2000130206Jan. 2002BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 HDi066206Aug. 1998BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 HDi066206Dec. 1999BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 HDi SW200066206Jul. 2002BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 i S16, CC 16V0100206Apr. 1999BENDIX
PEUGEOT206Rear2.0 XS 16V2000100206Jan. 2002BENDIX
PEUGEOT306Rear2.0 HDi Saloon/SW Estate066306Jan. 1999Aug. 2000BENDIX
PEUGEOT306Rear2.0 i089, 110, 112306Feb. 1993Feb. 1997BENDIX
PEUGEOT306Rear2.0 i 16V089, 110, 112306Mar. 1997Aug. 2000BENDIX
PEUGEOT306Rear2.0 i GTI 16V0120306Mar. 1997Aug. 2000BENDIX
PEUGEOT307Rear1.4 HDi140051307Mar. 2001BENDIX
PEUGEOT307Rear1.4 i140055307Mar. 2001BENDIX
PEUGEOT309Rear1.9 i GTi089, 96309Feb. 1987Feb. 1993BENDIX
RENAULT11Rear1.4 (Turbo)08511Jan. 1984Sep. 1986BENDIX
RENAULT11Rear1.4 (Turbo)08511Oct. 1986Jun. 1989BENDIX
RENAULT19Rear1.4 Chamade040, 44, 55, 5719Sep. 1988Dec. 1996BENDIXABS
RENAULT19Rear1.7 Chamade054, 6619Sep. 1988Apr. 1992BENDIXABS
RENAULT19Rear1.7 Chamade D53C TXE/RT069, 7019Jan. 1991Apr. 1992BENDIX
RENAULT19Rear1.7 i ,Chamade D53C TXE/RT069, 7019May. 1992Dec. 1995BENDIX
RENAULT19Rear1.8 Chamade081, 10419Sep. 1988Dec. 1995BENDIXABS
RENAULT19Rear1.8 Chamade B/C/L53Y08119Sep. 1988Nov. 1995BENDIXABS
RENAULT19Rear1.8 Chamade RT (D53Y)08119Sep. 1988Nov. 1995BENDIXABS
RENAULT19Rear1.8 i ,Chamade 16V0100, 10419Jan. 1990Dec. 1996BENDIX
RENAULT19Rear1.9 D, Chamade04719Sep. 1988Dec. 1996BENDIXABS
RENAULT5 SuperRear1.4 GT (Turbo)043, 44, 50, 535Feb. 1986Oct. 1991BENDIX
RENAULT5 SuperRear1.6 GT (Turbo)05Feb. 1986Oct. 1991BENDIX
RENAULT5 SuperRear1.7055, 66, 705Jul. 1986Jan. 1992BENDIX
RENAULT9Rear1.4 (Turbo)0859Feb. 1986Dec. 1988BENDIX
RENAULTClioRear1.7066ClioJun. 1990Dec. 1996BENDIXABS
RENAULTClioRear1.8065, 66, 79, 80ClioJan. 1991Feb. 1998BENDIXABS
RENAULTClioRear1.8 16V180099ClioJan. 1991Apr. 1996BENDIX
RENAULTClioRear1.8 i065, 66, 79, 80ClioApr. 1996Dec. 1996BENDIX
RENAULTClioRear2.0 Williams 16V0108ClioNov. 1993Apr. 1996BENDIX
RENAULTClio IIRear1.4 i 16V070ClioOct. 1999Jul. 2000BENDIX
RENAULTClio IIRear2.0 i RS2000124ClioFeb. 2000BENDIX
RENAULTClio IIRear2.0 i RS2000132ClioJan. 2004BENDIX
RENAULTMeganeRear1.8 i 16V180085MeganeJan. 2001Aug. 2002BENDIX
RENAULTMeganeRear2.0 i 16V0108MeganeOct. 1995Aug. 2002BENDIX
Car Make Citroen,Renault
Car Model Clio,Megane,Saxo,Xsara,ZX
Condition New
Part Type Braking

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