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Ferodo Racing Brake Pads DS1.11 (W/WB)

DSUNO is the latest heavy duty racing material from Ferodo Racing. It has replaced DS2.11 and is already race proven in GT, touring car, Formula & rally. The technical objective for the material was to provide a high friction output, whilst improving pad and disc life and to offer excellent modulability throughout the brake event. The latter means the risk of wheel lock is significantly reduced compared to other pads with the same high nominal friction coefficient, without any loss of output. This is the ultimate feel-good pad.

Heavy duty semi-endurance material

Applications - touring car, GT, single seat, rally

Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C

Very controllable torque output

Very kind to discs

Long life


Part number FCP351Z


Car MakeModelPad PlacementModel DescriptionCCEngine Output KWCar ModelFromToBrake Systemrestriction
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front10Y10Jan. 1990Dec. 1996BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.0 (Fire/Touring/4WD)033Y10Jan. 1989Dec. 1992BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.0 (Fire/Touring/4WD)033Y10Jan. 1993Dec. 1996BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.0 (Fire/Touring/4WD)033Y10Feb. 1985Dec. 1989BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.0 (Turbo)033Y10Jan. 1989Dec. 1992BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.0 (Turbo)033Y10Jan. 1993Dec. 1996BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.10Y10Jan. 1990Dec. 1996BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.1 (Fire/Touring/4WD)037Y10Jun. 1986Dec. 1992BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.1 (Fire/Touring/4WD)037Y10Jan. 1993Dec. 1996BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.3 Not ie GT0Y10Feb. 1985Dec. 1992BENDIX
AUTOBIANCHIY10Front1.3 Not ie GT0Y10Jan. 1993Dec. 1996BENDIX
FIAT131Front1.6055, 63, 72131Sep. 1982Dec. 1984BENDIX
FIAT131Front2.5 D053131Sep. 1982Mar. 1987BENDIX
FIAT131 MirafioriFront1.4 131 Mirafiori054131 MirafioriJan. 1983Sep. 1985BENDIX
FIAT131 MirafioriFront1.6 131 Mirafiori073131 MirafioriJan. 1983Sep. 1985BENDIX
FIAT131 MirafioriFront2.0 131 Mirafiori044, 84131 MirafioriJan. 1983Sep. 1985BENDIX
FIAT131 MirafioriFront2.4 131 Mirafiori054131 MirafioriJan. 1983Sep. 1985BENDIX
FIAT131 MirafioriFront2.5 131 Mirafiori053131 MirafioriSep. 1982Dec. 1986BENDIX
FIAT900Front0.9 E033900Jan. 1982BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front0.7018, 22PandaOct. 1982Jun. 1984BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front0.7018, 22PandaJul. 1984Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front0.7018, 22, 25PandaJul. 1984Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front0.8025, 26PandaOct. 1982Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front0.9029, 33PandaOct. 1982Dec. 1995BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front0.9 i029, 33PandaMar. 1993Dec. 1996BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1032, 33, 35, 37PandaOct. 1982Dec. 1995BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.0 i032, 33, 35, 37PandaJan. 1985Dec. 1993BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.0 i033PandaMar. 1993Oct. 1995BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.0 i033PandaJan. 1991Feb. 1993BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.1032, 33, 35, 37PandaOct. 1982Mar. 1993BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.1033PandaApr. 1993BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.1 i033PandaApr. 1993Aug. 2003BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.30PandaJan. 1980Apr. 1986BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.3 D027PandaMay. 1986Apr. 1991BENDIX
FIATPanda (141A_)Front1.3 i0PandaJan. 1980Apr. 1986BENDIX
FIATRegataFront1.3 70, 75049RegataNov. 1983Sep. 1990BENDIX
FIATRegataFront1.5 85060RegataNov. 1983Apr. 1990BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.1 60042, 44RitmoSep. 1982Dec. 1988BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.3 65, 70048, 50RitmoSep. 1982Dec. 1988BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.5 75, 85055, 63RitmoSep. 1982Dec. 1988BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.6 90, 105077RitmoSep. 1978Feb. 1983BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.6 90, 105077RitmoMar. 1983Jun. 1988BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.7 D041RitmoSep. 1982Feb. 1983BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.7 D041RitmoMar. 1983Jun. 1988BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.7 TD044RitmoSep. 1982Feb. 1983BENDIX
FIATRitmoFront1.7 TD044RitmoMar. 1983Jun. 1988BENDIX
FIATStradaFront1.1 60040StradaMay. 1983Dec. 1987BENDIX
FIATStradaFront1.3 65, 70048, 50StradaJan. 1983Jan. 1988BENDIX
FIATUnoFront0.9 45030, 33, 34UnoJan. 1983Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront0.9 i 45033UnoJan. 1993Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.0 45032UnoJan. 1983Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.0 i033UnoJun. 1991Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.0 i 45032UnoJan. 1993Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.1 50, 55, 60037, 40UnoJan. 1983Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.1 i037UnoJun. 1991Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.1 i040UnoJan. 1983May. 1991BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.1 i 50, 55, 60037, 40UnoJan. 1993Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.3 70048, 50UnoJan. 1983Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.3 i 70048UnoJan. 1993Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.4 70051UnoJan. 1983Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.4 i052, 82UnoJun. 1991Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.4 i 70051UnoJan. 1993Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.4 TD052UnoOct. 1986Oct. 1990BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.5 75055UnoOct. 1985Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.5 i055UnoJun. 1991Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.7 D042UnoJan. 1993Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.7 D043UnoJun. 1991Dec. 1994BENDIX
FIATUnoFront1.7 D, TD042UnoApr. 1986Dec. 1994BENDIX
INNOCENTIMilleFront1035MilleJan. 1995BENDIX
INNOCENTIMilleFront1.4051MilleJan. 1995BENDIX
LANCIAY10Front1032, 33Y10Jun. 1985Jun. 1991BENDIX
LANCIAY10Front1.0 Selectronic0Y10Jan. 1990Dec. 1996BENDIX
LANCIAY10Front1.1037Y10May. 1989Dec. 1996BENDIX
LANCIAY10Front1.1 i0Y10Nov. 1992Dec. 1996BENDIX
LANCIAY10Front1.3054, 57Y10Jul. 1989Oct. 1991BENDIX
LANCIAY10Front1.3 GT0Y10Jun. 1993Dec. 1996BENDIX
SEATFuraFront0.9029FuraJan. 1985Dec. 1987BENDIX
SEATFuraFront1.4055FuraJan. 1985Dec. 1987BENDIX
SEATIbizaFront0.9029, 31IbizaAug. 1984Apr. 1993BENDIX
SEATIbizaFront1.2045, 46, 52IbizaAug. 1984Apr. 1993BENDIX
SEATIbizaFront1.5063, 64, 66, 73IbizaAug. 1984Apr. 1993BENDIX
SEATIbizaFront1.5 XSi065, 66, 74IbizaJan. 1987Apr. 1993BENDIX
SEATMalagaFront0.8025MalagaJan. 1987Dec. 1993BENDIX
SEATMalagaFront0.9029, 30MalagaJan. 1987BENDIX
SEATMalagaFront1.2045, 46, 52MalagaMay. 1985Apr. 1991BENDIX
SEATMalagaFront1.5064MalagaMay. 1985Apr. 1991BENDIX
SEATMalagaFront1.5 i073MalagaJan. 1987Apr. 1991BENDIX
SEATMalagaFront1.7 D041MalagaJan. 1987Apr. 1991BENDIX
SEATMarbellaFront0.8025MarbellaNov. 1986Sep. 1989BENDIX
SEATMarbellaFront0.9029, 30MarbellaNov. 1986May. 1989BENDIX
SEATMarbellaFront1.3033MarbellaNov. 1986Sep. 1991BENDIX
SEATRondaFront1.2045, 46RondaJun. 1982Dec. 1987BENDIX
SEATRondaFront1.4054RondaJun. 1982Nov. 1988BENDIX
SEATRondaFront1.5066RondaAug. 1983Dec. 1987BENDIX
SEATRondaFront1.6068RondaJun. 1982Dec. 1987BENDIX
SEATRondaFront1.7041RondaJun. 1982Dec. 1987BENDIX
SEATTerraFront0.9029TerraJan. 1984BENDIX
SEATTerraFront1.3033TerraMar. 1990Dec. 1994BENDIX
SEATTerraFront1.4035TerraJan. 1984BENDIX
Condition New
Part Type Braking

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