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Cusco Hybrid LSD Differential - Lexus GS350, GS430, IS350, Celsior, Soarer etc

Cusco Hybrid LSD Differential - Lexus GS350, GS430, IS350, Celsior, Soarer etc
Brand: Cusco
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The Hybrid type LSD has the smallest initial torque of all due to larger diameter coil spring.. The LSD operation first becomes engaged when the opposing pressures start working against one another. This LSD is combines the best qualities of the Type MZ & Type RS for a hybrid setup, mostly suited for automatic transmissions and street driving.

The activation pressure is applied to the same direction of the initial torque with the utilization of a coil spring. Therefore, the initial torque is set lower than the rest of the models which enables a smoother and quicker initial clutch plates engagement from a non operational to a fully functioning state even despite a low initial torque rating is set. The virtues of a low initial torque setting is that it enables a smooth turn even while the LSD mechanism is not activated. Because of the coil spring design, it provides overall gentle and stable operation.

All Cusco limited slip differentials have the option of adjusting the responsiveness and the locking characteristics the LSD by the combination of each plate and its designation of how it is stacked. Cusco 's exclusive clutch plate grooves are cut radially enabling instant oil movement, thus improving efficiency and durability. The pressure ring contact surface is polished for an even and flat contact with the clutch plates. The exclusive Cusco Oil Through System enhances great oil circulation and supply to the necessary areas when used with the Cusco LSD Oil.

Application list;

Toyota ;
  1. Aristo JZS160 & 161 2JZGE/GTE Automatic
  2. Crown GRS184 2GR-FSE Automatic
  3. Crown GRS204 2GR-FSE Automatic
  4. Crown Hybrid GWS204 2GR-FSE Automatic
  5. Crown Majesta UZS186 3UZ-FE Automatic
  6. Crown Majesta UZS207 3UZ-FE Automatic
  7. Crown Majesta GWS214 2GR-FXE CVT
  8. Celsior UCF30 3UZ-FE Automatic
  9. Soarer UZZ40 3UZ-FE Automatic
  10. Mark X GRX133 2GR-FSE Automatic

  1. GS350 2GR-FSE Automatic
  2. GS430 3UZ-FE Automatic
  3. GS450h 2GR-FSE Automatic
  4. IS350 2GR-FSE Automatic
Car Make Toyota
Car Model Aristo,Soarer
Condition New
Part Type Drivetrain and Transmission

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