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Cusco Engine And Transmission Mounts Subaru Impreza GC8 to GVB

Cusco Engine And Transmission Mounts Subaru Impreza GC8 to GVB
Brand: Cusco
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Cusco is one of the pioneering companies based out of Japan that has invested countless hours of research, design, and engineering to develop quality suspension and performance products that will improve your driving experience. Some of the fasted cars around the world who compete in time attack, time trials, and other racing avenues will more than likely have a Cusco product on their car.

These components are the Cusco Engine and Transmission Mounts designed to reinforce the engine and transmission to help reduce movement. Your OEM units get the job done, but like all components that have bushings, eventually they will become weak or wear out over time and mileage, and this is especially noticeable under high-performance driving conditions where excessive movement of the vehicle can cause jarring movements in the engine and drivetrain.

Note that these are much more solid when compared to the design of the OEM units, which makes for a better option for those of you running more power and a more aggressive suspension setup. However, this will create louder engine and transmission noise in the cabin.

Comes with 2 metal washers that are used to provide extra clearance with the cross member on some models.

Condition New
Part Type Drivetrain and Transmission

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