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Competition Clutch White Bunny Organic kit + Flywheel - PS13 Silvia SR20DET

Competition Clutch White Bunny Organic kit + Flywheel - PS13 Silvia SR20DET
Brand: Conceptua
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PS13  Silvia SR20DET

'Redtop' Straight Cam Engine

Twin Cam, Turbo, 16 Valve

Complete Clutch Kit- Conceptua Tuning

Legendary 250mm 'White Bunny' Kit

Organic Steel Backed Disc

Competition Clutch

Includes Flywheel!!

Conceptua Tuning offer this legendary White Bunny Organic Clutch Kit from Competition Clutch for PS13 Silvia. This amazing value kit has been developed to offer a complete uprated drop in clutch kit with a larger 250mm clutch with uprated clutch cover coming complete with a replacement flywheel.  

  • PS13 Silvia SR20DET
  • 'Redtop' Straight Cam Engine
  • Legendary 'White Bunny' 250mm Clutch Kit from Competition Clutch
  • Increased Size 250mm Clutch Disc
  • Organic Disc
  • Torque Handling to approx 375 ft/lbs
  • Comes with
  • Brand New Flywheel
  • 250mm Organic Friction Plate
  • Matching Clutch Cover
  • Release Bearing
  • Alignment Tool & Spigot Bearing Also Included
  • AMAZING Price!! Unbeatable Value!!
  • Huge range of Stock and Uprated SR20 Clutch & Drivetrain Parts Available

The Origins of the 'White Bunny' Kit Legend

The "White Bunny Special" was a 1998 USDM S14 Chassis KA24DE with Turbo Conversion which came stock with a measly 225mm clutch surface area, but changing the flywheel and using parts from other Nissans allowed 240mm clutch to be fitted, providing more tractable area for the clutch to operate on increasing friction and torque capacity.  Thus the legend of the 'White Bunny' kit was born- utilising increased size flywheel & clutch parts on an S14 to handle greater power. This Competition Clutch 'White Bunny' kit takes this a step further- giving JDM and Euro SR20 cars with a 240mm Clutch an upgrade to a 250mm clutch and flywheel combo for excellent performance at a fantastic price! 

Condition New
Part Type Engine

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