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Brand New Head Gasket from Conceptua - For S30 260Z L26

Brand New Head Gasket from Conceptua - For S30 260Z L26
Brand: Conceptua
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 Nissan  S30  260Z  L26

Single Cam, Straight Six, 12 Valve

Brand New Quality Head Gasket

If you have had to remove the head, or are embarking on a tuning programme and need to know your engine is in top condition, then you need one of these quality head gaskets. 

  • S30 260Z L26
  • Quality Head Gasket
  • Brand new!
  • Uprated Cometic Multi Layer Steel and Thicker Head Gaskets also available
  • Timing Chain Kits, Gasket Sets, Piston Rings and may other parts available
  • Uprated ARP Head Stud Sets available too!

Please bear in mind a head gasket is only as good as the bearing faces it is joining. Replaced cylinder heads should be checked and mildly skimmed (if necessary) to ensure a good mating surface.


Car Make Nissan
Car Model 260Z
Condition New

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