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Adjustable Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR 1:1 Ratio- RPS13 180SX SR20DET

Adjustable Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR 1:1 Ratio- RPS13 180SX SR20DET
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Nissan  RPS13  180SX  SR20DET

Redtop 'Straightcam' Engines

Twin Cam, Single Turbo

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator / FPR

Genuine Italian Made Malpassi Quality

1:1 Ratio- NOT Rising Rate

Everyone knows how essential it is to get fuelling right on turbocharged cars! So if you are running a tuned RPS13 SR20 engine you need one of these genuine Italian Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulators.  Essential where cars are running with aftermarket tuning parts and above stock boost levels.

Genuine Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulators

  • Accurately adjust the base pressure behind your injectors
  • Essential for setting up tuned engines
  • Referenced to manifold pressure
  • Take off for a fuel pressure gauge (gauge not supplied)
  • Comes with basic fitting kit (extra hose etc available separately)

Unlike some cheaper regulators these are properly referenced to the manifold pressure. As the manifold pressure changes (vacuum on cruise, higher pressure under boost) the injectors are 'seeing' different pressures, but the ECU fuel maps are configured for a steady state. The vacuum take off means our fuel pressure regulators constantly adjust the fuel pressure to suit the ambient pressure inside the manifold- keeping your chosen fuel pressure secure and accurate.

For those trying to get the most out of their stock injectors but using aftermarket engine management these adjustable fuel pressure regulators mean you can increase the base pressure behind the injectors. This has the same effect as fitting slightly bigger injectors as more fuel is dispensed for each opening of the injector.


  • Max Flow 5 Ltrs/Min

  • Adjustable 1.5 Bar (22 Psi) - 6 Bar (90 Psi)

  • Tested up to 10 Bar

  • Rate is 1:1 for Turbocharged applications  (NOT rising rate)

  • Referenced to manifold pressure

  • Don't Forget to Order a Fuel Rail Adaptor

    Please note- No fitting instructions are provided- This FPR should be set up professionally with the aid of a rolling road and/or wide band lambda.

    Look out for our great value uprated Fuel Filters & Fitting Kits too!! 


    Condition New

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