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Subaru Tuning Parts from Roger Clark Motorsport (RCM)
At TMS Motorsport, we also supply Subaru Tuning Parts at competitive prices because we strive to source only the most quality assured, best-in-class, tried and tested performance brands the car tuning industry. Roger Clark Motorsport happens to be one those prominent manufacturers of excellent Subaru Tuning Part, so we carry a huge selection of their range of performance parts including the RCM EJ20/22/25 WRX & STI, GC8A GC8B GC8C GC8D, timing Belts, oil filters, head bolts, pistons, con rods, billet crankshafts, air filters, induction kits, exhausts, fuel pumps, injectors and more. We can supply everything from affordable aftermarket parts to high-end Subaru performance parts, making it possible for you to boost your vehicle engine performance. 

About Roger Clark Motorsport
RCM was founded back in 1991 by the late British rallying legend Roger Albert Clark, MBE. He is still recognized to this day as one of the most accomplished rally drivers of all time and the first ever British driver to win a World Rally Championship event. RCM remains today one of the world’s leading innovators in performance products. 

RCM’s primary focus is the Subaru Impreza, from parts R&D, mail order to servicing, race car development, and mapping. The renowned team at RCM also builds and assembles the EJ20/22/25s for customers, from standard rebuilds to full-blown race engines. Their approach is classic British engineering at its best.

RCM EJ20/22/25 Multi Layer High Performance Cylinder Head Gasket
Rated for use up to and over 600BHP, the RCM EJ20 Multi Layer High Performance Cylinder Head Gasket is designed to seal in power and provide maximum performance under the most challenging speed road, track and competition conditions. What distinguishes the RCM Head Gaskets as leading contributors to gasket reliability is the number of layers in each multi-layer high performance cylinder head gasket.
The RCM EJ20/22/25 Multi Layer High Performance Cylinder Head Gasket offer improved sealing capacity over conventional gaskets due to the Nitrile Rubber Coating. Another great feature is the increased protection around combustion chambers through its Folded Stopper Layers. In addition, the Die Cut is meticulously manufactured to give motorist the highest quality finish and fitment.

These particular Subaru tuning parts are available in sizes: 0.78mm, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm for use with EJ20 engine only. They come with 14mm Diameter Head Studs or Bolt Holes, Folded Stopper Layers, Die Cut, Multi Layer Steel Gasket, and Nitrile Rubber Coating ensuring long term reliability and availability for a range of popular competition and fast road applications. 

All gaskets are manufactured and designed to accept the larger 12mm and 14mm cylinder head studs and nut kits. The studs are naturally stronger due to their extra thickness and superior material quality but they also benefit from a much coarser rolled thread. The EJ20, EJ22, and EJ25 cylinder head gaskets have an added stopper layer around vital sealing areas and the design of this extra layer forms a much stronger barrier to prevent gasses, pressure, water and oil escaping from its designated area. This layer is extremely reliable and ideal for Subaru high performance cars in particular those running above the standard factory torque or horsepower figures.

TMS Motorsport supplies many performance parts including Roger Clark Motorsport genuine Subaru parts. You can find many leading brands and our mission is to supply our customers with everything they require and to give help and support the best we can.

RCM High Performance Oil Filter
You can count on the RCM High Performance oil filter to provide reliable filtration, excellent oil flow, and leak-free performance. By choosing this oil filter, you engine is guaranteed optimum function. Oil filters are often underrated but very important vehicle components. It is impossible for your engine to perform at its best and endure the demands of racing without a good oil filter. Oil lubricates, protects and coats all of the precious engine components ensuring they operate smoothly and at the appropriate temperature. 
Without a high performance filter like the RCM oil filter, the internal components of the engine would reach temperatures that would cause the engine to ultimately fail. Contamination of the oil can come from general engine wear and tear, as well as an excess build-up of carbon deposits. RCM high performance oil filters are responsible for ensuring that the engine oil is kept in a clean and useable condition. There is no need to put your engine at risk, with TMS Motorsport you can find the best vehicle and motorsport supplies, including great automotive accessories and car parts that are immaculately made, finished, presented and packaged accordingly too.  Available for all Subaru engines, EJ20/22/25.

RCM is a word class manufacturer and renowned for producing oil filters suitable for the Subaru Impreza. For more than two decades they have been perfecting their design of filters solely for use with high performance Subaru engines. The oil filters offers sustainable, high quality filtration capable of trapping and dirt and debris but not restricting oil flow which is a testament to their dedication to innovation and ingenuity. Their RCM Race oil filters are tested automotive components designed for brilliance in all areas of performance and quality.

RCM Dry Sump Kit
The RCM Dry Sump Kit is ideal for all Subaru EJ Series Engines. It is engineered as the perfect solution for resolving Subaru oil supply issues. The issue with any Subaru EJ engine, which has been tuned for performance or race use, is that of a reliable oil supply. 
The dry sump system reduces residual oil and crankshaft windage and improves ring sealing by generating a slight vacuum in the crankcase. The oil pump mounts directly to the supplied oil pan and is driven from the timing belt idler through a cogged belt. Available for EJ20/22/25 engines, it can deliver a far more consistent oil pressure to the engine, eliminating the oil starvation issues which are associated with the flat 4 boxer type engine configuration.  In addition to this the increased vacuum in the crankcase and pan improves the ring to bore sealing properties. The RCM system completely scavenges the crankcase, which dramatically reduces the excess or residual oil which can ultimately result in power loss. The RCM Dry Sump Kit provides a degree of safety and reliability which is impeccable. It’s the ultimate solution to the issues experience with the traditional wet sump factory setup.

RCM Timing belt kits & Cambelt Kits
A vehicle’s timing belt and the components it relies on to keep tension are vital to the running of the engine. If a single component is dysfunctional or your timing belt snaps then that could have serious implications on the performance of your engine. RCM Timing belt kits have been designed to give you the exact same parts as originally fitted to your vehicle. TMS Motorsport sources direct from the manufacturers which makes it possible to offer the same high quality parts for the best price so that you get maximum value.

Designed for the replacement of worn or damaged original equipment, these High Performance Timing Belts are manufactured to perfection, reliable, strong and extremely heat resistant. No other belts help protect your engine and deliver high performance like the RCM cambelt kit from The Moff Shop. To generate power, your engine's valves will have to open and close in a synchronized manner. That synchronicity isn't possible without a properly functioning timing belt in your performance vehicle.
The timing belt is necessary for turning the camshaft at the right speed in relation to the crankshaft to ensure that the valves in the engine cylinders open at the right time. This makes the synthetic rubber belt an integral part of any internal combustion engine. RCM Cambelt Belt Kits include belts, tensioners and idler pulleys. TMS Motorsport offers one of the most complete lines of timing belt kits in the market and all kit components and belts are manufactured to the critical original equipment quality, fit, form, and function requirements demanded by Subaru vehicles. It is important to replace timing belts at recommended intervals because if the belt breaks when the engine is running it can cause irreparable damage.  A cambelt kit contains all the necessary parts required when changing the timing belt.

The cambelt connects and synchronises the crankshaft with the camshaft. This allows the engine's inlet and outlet valves to open and close at just the right time in the cycle. Each timing kit comprises every part of the timing belt assembly. You can keep your engine's parts functioning like properly by regularly replacing your Subaru timing belt using a high-grade Timing Belt Kit from TMS Motorsport. The Roger Clark Motorsport timing belt is essentially a toothed belt made of reinforced fiber cords and rubber. Some timing belts are even used to drive other engine components like your oil pump and water pump. Without this belt, your engine components won't function properly. 

For the safest and most convenient option, buy a new timing belt kit from TMS Motorsport. A malfunctioning timing belt can stop your engine from running. It is recommended that drivers change their cambelts every 60,000-90,000 miles so you want a reliable and credible RCM Cambelt Kit to sustain you for the longest. A properly fitted and adjusted timing belt can make the world of difference to the running of your car. If your owner's manual indicates that your timing belt has reached the end of its service life, replace this component using a new Timing Belt Kit from TMS Motorsport today.

RCM Pistons
Power, strength and reliability are all benefits brought to you with the RCM Piston. Each application uses a unique forging to minimize weight and ensure the strongest possible piston. Building a new performance engine, or rebuilding your existing one is a pleasure when you are fully equipped with the best automotive tools you can find.

RCM have always chosen Omega as their preferred piston manufacturer, not only because of their extensive experience within motorsport but also for the incredible accuracy and attention to detail that is applied to every aspect of their manufacturing. Each design is lightweight yet robust enough to deliver long service life. You get excellent grain structure when a piston is forged correctly. In a fully machined piston you don’t get any true grain flow structure as you are using the material as it is cut from the bar. By forging the material you create optimal molecular alignment within the material coupled with their own in-house bespoke heat treatment and this is what gives the piston its strength. 

The piston is one of the most important components within the engine. It can be subjected to directional change up to 285 times every second and must withstand acceleration forces of 8,500 Gs. When thinking of purchasing any engine components especially pistons in particular, it’s very crucial that you make your choices wisely. All RCM or Omega Pistons are individually weighed and batched to within 0.5 grams, which ensures that a set of four will have a tolerance deviation of no more than 2.0 grams. On large orders this means that it is not unusual to have a set of 4 pistons with only 0.1 gram deviation. RCM aftermarket piston components are perfect for Subaru engines. By incorporating proven design enhancements from their renowned piston forging, RCM has created the ultimate Subaru piston to withstand the rigors of the highest boosted and stressed applications. Forged from 2618A aerospace alloy with CNC machined at a constant 20.5°C, RCM pistons are weighed and batched to within 0.5 grams. For increased power and torque, improved reliability and a stable and strong platform for further power increases, TMS Motorsport is the supplier you need in the UK market and beyond for Subaru RCM tuning parts including pistons. We also sell head studs manufactured from Aircraft Grade S99 Steel.

RCM Oil Pumps 
At the heart of all Roger Clark Motorsport engine’s is the now world renowned RCMS Modified oil pump.

This clever, effective modification has been designed to assist the Impreza with it’s oil supply and is now regarded as a must have modification with any Impreza engine build. Each pump is carefully checked, given a serial number and then modified to incorporate a different pressure relief valve ensuring greater reliability and peace of mind to your Impreza engine.

Please note that flow rate remains unchanged. Our oil pumps are supplied with a replacement front crank oil seal and oil gallery, black sealing o-ring. It is also recommended that you use 3 bond sealer (SGA35) to seal the oil pump to the block assembly.

Original Equipment (OE) oil pumps are designed for specific oil volume and pressure output. The prescribed volume/pressure delivery is based on the engine’s bearing clearances and intended use, and for an unmodified vehicle driven at normal speeds, the engine will have all the lubrication it requires. However, performance and racing engines usually have larger clearances and are driven at much higher RPMs, and so have very different oiling needs. RCM’s modified oil pump is an extremely popular and effective modification that has been carefully crafted to assist the Subaru with its oil supply. It is considered a must-have modification component for the Subaru Impreza engine build. The RCM oil pumps are each carefully checked, given a serial number and then modified to incorporate a different pressure relief valve ensuring greater reliability. 

In order to lower the overall emissions of combustion engines, each and every component must be optimized. High-volume pumps have taller gerotor-type gears in the pump body that move more oil by volume. Because of the taller gear used to propel oil through a high-volume pump, there is a slight loss of horsepower because of the additional effort needed to move the increased volume of oil. Low-volume pumps are an alternative for racing applications because the pump will still maintain the required level of lubrication, particularly since competition engines typically do most of their work at higher RPM, and also because the units will consume less horsepower. 

An oil pump supplies oil under pressure to all moving parts throughout the engine to make it run smoothly and quietly. Oil pumps also ensure sufficient lubrication and smooth oil circulation. The RCM oil pumps will provide proper oil flow to protect critical engine components. The oil also carries away heat to keep internal engine parts within their specified operating temperature range. Adequate engine oil flow is critical for maintaining engine performance and durability. The amount of oil pressure is not necessarily affected by the use of a standard-, low- or high-volume pump, because that is ultimately determined by the pressure valve and spring assembly contained inside the pump. The oil pumps are supplied with a replacement front crank oil seal and oil gallery, black sealing o-ring. The element is modified and tested separately and in combinations to check for flow and pressure characteristics. RCM oil pumps from TMS Motorsport ensure high efficiency motor usage, high durability, cost reduction and greater improvement in fuel consumption.

Induction Kits/Air Filters
RCM induction kits and air filters provides greater air flow, improved throttle response, and are compatible with the standard air intake hose. What’s great is that they are also easy to install and you can do it in less than 30 minutes which enhances your engine bay’s appearance. They can be used on all Impreza Turbos From 2001-2007 (Version 7 to Version 9, Bugeye, Blob Eye & Hawkeye). Application also includes all JDM Impreza Turbos & Special editions (Spec-C, RB320, UK300, WR1, RA, SL). As with all RCM induction kits, you will notice the difference the next time you drive your vehicle. 

Roger Clark Motorsport have developed their own high performance induction kit for the New Age Impreza, allowing greater unrestricted air flow and improved engine response. One of the most important things when trying to increase the power of any turbo charged vehicle is the cars breathing system, specifically the cars intake and exhaust system. An induction kit is quite simply an air filter. Most cars have air filters mounted in an air box. These filters are generally constructed of paper which filters out the particles from the air and prevents these from getting into the engine. The airboxes are designed to reduce the noise of the engine and have various vanes and angles cut to maximize this noise reduction. They provide both high-flow air filter technology and a larger air filter size. This winning combination will increase horsepower and sound great too. By sucking in warm engine bay air the engine will use less fuel, so round town you might notice a slight improvement in MPG but the induction roar promotes a heavier driving style which negates this. Engines can be a little more efficient with induction kits so pull in more air.

The air filter prevents harmful debris, dirt and contaminants from entering your engine. Many kits on the market are badly designed, coated in excessive dirt retaining oil and often more restrictive than the standard system! Engines with induction kits fitted typically see the power gains quite high up the RPM range. However low end power can be compromised. In small engines the effect of an induction kit is often a noticeable loss of low end power. The RCM kits are a direct replacement for the restrictive OE air box setup allowing for a huge increase in unrestricted air flow into the engine improving engine response and with the ability to support the needs of ever larger standard position air hungry turbochargers. If you are looking for the best aftermarket air intake system to maximize the potential of your car then look no further – TMS Motorsport has the RCM range of Subaru tuning parts to help your car perform at the highest level. 

Exhaust Systems / Manifolds / Downpipes
As your home for premier aftermarket Subaru parts, TMS Motorsport now also supplies fantastic RCM exhaust down pipes for your Subaru exhaust. Upgrading your car’s exhaust with aftermarket down pipes is one of the easiest ways to enhance its overall performance. RCM's twisted turbo up/downpipe kit was designed in house to combat the problem of a lack of space around the Impreza turbochargers standard position which ultimately limits the size of turbocharger which can be fitted to the Impreza range. This in turn caps the potential power that the car is able to produce. 

Ceramic Coating
Available in performance white or black ceramic coating offers reduced engine bay temperatures by trapping heat inside the exhaust manifold. A further advantage of ceramic coating is the thermal barrier it creates. This helps to retain the temperature of exhaust gasses as they flow out of the cylinder head, the hotter the gasses the faster they flow aiding performance and offering a more efficient ehaxust system.

Comprehensive Fitting Kit
Considered a "must have" option our fitting kit includes; all necessary gaskets, studs, lambda blanks, nuts and bolts required to ensure the perfect installation.

Magma Heat Wrap
Manufacured from pulverized lava rock and stranded into a fiber material which is then woven into a proprietary weave, our wrap can withstand temperatures of up to 2500°F. Built to last Magma wrap has high resistance to abrasions, oil spills, temperatures and vibration breakdown making it one of the most popular exhaust wraps on the market today.   

An aftermarket down pipe will assist in allowing your Subaru engine to breathe more efficiently leading to a drop in exhaust gas temperatures and a boost in horsepower and torque. Replacing your current down pipe will also help give you that smooth sound, deep sound when you get your engine running. RCM specializes in designing high quality, custom made parts for drivers looking to get the best quality product for the money. Their goal is to provide the best and widest selection of custom exhaust and race parts on the market. The RCM exhaust down pipe is designed to allow a freer flow of gases by removal of any restriction caused by either a silencer or catalytic converter. Manfactured from the finest quality stainless steel pipe work, this pipe has been hand crafted for your Impreza. It fits standard back box and down pipe assemblies.

For improved BHP and torque on your Subaru Impreza, significant weight reduction when compared to the OE manifold, and improved exhaust gas flow, the RCM Subaru tuning parts from TMS Motorsport will get you going for the long run. Built from high grade stainless steel and utilising best-in-class production methods the RCM parts offers high levels of strength and rigidity to ensure durability over many years. TMS Motorsport is the ultimate source for high performance parts and accessories where you can find the highest quality, best performing products available for turbocharged vehicles.

Why TMS Motorsport is the best place to buy RCM Subaru Tuning Parts 
For many years, TMS Motorsport has been specializing in high-performance exhaust, intake, & ECU tuning upgrades for exotics and high-end sports cars. At TMS Motorsport you’ll find all the best Subaru tuning parts including EJ20 DOHC, EJ25 DOHC Timing Belt Kit, Subaru Impreza STI WRX Forester Liberty Legacy Timing Belt Kit Gates racing GC8A, GC8B, GC8C, and GC8D. The Impreza WRX is the flagship sports sedan from Subaru which was made famous as the king of rally and WRC. Subaru’s symmetrical all wheel drive system was shown to the world and proved to people that all wheel drive was not just for trucks. 

The Moff Shop team is dedicated to providing the highest standards of workmanship and precision for your needs including tuning parts for your car. Available in stock are the best oil filters, head bolts, pistons, con rods, billet crankshafts, air filters, and many more Subaru tuning parts. TMS Motorsport’s customers vary from amateur motorsport enthusiasts to works teams and hobby tuners to vehicle manufacturers. If you’re looking for an efficient, service-oriented company that provides innovative technologies and products, customer satisfaction and long-lasting business relations TMS Motorsport is where you’ll find it all. 

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Our brands include Alcon brakes, AP Racing brakes and clutch kits, ARP Bolts, ATE, Brembo, Castrol, Conceptua, Cosworth, Cusco, D2 Racing Brakes, Deatschwerks, Direnza, Exedy Clutch, Ferodo, Forge, Fuchs lubricants, Girling, Hamilton Classic, Helix, HKS Performance Parts, Japspeed, K1 Technologies, Kaaz Diffs, Mintex pads, Mishimoto, NGK Spark Plugs, Ohlins Suspension, Pagid Pads, PIAA, Project Mu, RTS Performance, Sachs, SBS Brake Pads, Stop Tech Brakes, Tein Suspension, Turbosmart, Vibratechnics, Whiteline, Wiseco.

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